Tag Heuer Carrera Ceramic CV2A84 Black PVD Titanium

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This Carrera Ref: CV2A84 is in my opinion one of the best Carrera models ceramic bezel  Black PVD polished titanium, watch houses an automatic Calibre 16 movement with daydate function made of titanium polished steel.  I have had a few of these models but really liked the full package of this one, faux brown lume on house markers and hands which glows luminous green in the dark. The technical term from Tag Heuer rhodium plated alternate finishing hour and minute hands with sand superluminova®

Watch comes on brown leather strap with black DLC coated deployment clasp and a black ceramic bezel with brown engraved tachymeter rating. The The Tag is water resistant to 100 metres  and a case size of 43mm, power reserve 42 hours with stunning see through caseback, the glass is domed, beveled sapphire crystal with double anti-reflective treatment.  This is fantastic everyday watch for the money and looks stunning and priced well too.

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Hands on With Heuer Camaro

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Hands on With the Heuer Camaro one of the 1960’s Vintage model.  Heuer’s have some highly collectible pieces with collectors with prices to match, the Camaro as is a fantastic piece and not too pricey so well under the radar. The Heuer Camaro was named after the Chevrolet Camaro which was showcased in 1966, the Camaro offers a very similar style to the infamous Carrera but with a slightly larger cushion-shaped case.

A watch made in Switzerland named after an American muscle car! Apparently Jack Heuer the main man at Heuer said the watch was named after the Chevy Camaro as he was seeking to strengthen Heuer’s position in the USA by putting Heuer brand with USA motor racing seems a sensible idea.  Which at the time popularity of the Chevy Camaro in late 60’s and its connection with the pacecar at the Indianapolis 500 in 1967 and 69 made him decided the Camaro name was good and fit for the Heuer brand.

The Heuer Camaro was actually launched in 1968 and was the last series introduced before Heuer focused and switched to the Chronomatic-powered watches of 1969. The Camaro was a manual wind and was never made with an automatic movement, and with Heuer focused on selling its new auto self winding chronograph models, not long after the Camaro went out of production in 1972.

The Camaro had three different movements supplied by Valjoux it was not uncommon back then for watch Brands to use a movement made by someone else Rolex used Valjoux & Zenith Chronograph movement in there flagship Daytona up till 1999 / 2000 the later with Zenith.  In around 2000 they decided to launch there own in-house movement for the Daytona.  As most big Swiss Watch Brands went down the same route at some point as watches you bought needed to have the full package as well as the brand name, so they needed to use they own movement to make customers feel like they getting there money’s worth.

The Valjoux movements where Valjoux 72 / 92 and 773x Family the descriptions are below:

Valjoux 72 is a three-register, manual-wind chronograph movement
Valjoux 72 models offer no date function with dial layout as follows

3 o’clock: 30-minute chronograph register
6 o’clock: 12-hour chronograph register
9 o’clock: running seconds

Valjoux 92 followed the success of the 72 in the 1950’s and is also a 13-ligne movement, but with 2 registers not 3.

3 o’clock: 30-minute chronograph register
6 o’clock: running seconds

Valjoux 7730 is a very interesting movement it forms the basis of today’s Calibre 17 /Valjoux/ ETA 7750/. The 7730 is actually a re-named Venus 188, which is a manual-wind 30-minute chronograph with two registers.

Valjoux upgraded the movement in 1968, calling this the revised cal, The Valjoux 7733, which serves as a base for several modified versions, including:

7733- base 2-register movement.
7734- as above, but with date function.
7736- as above, but with the addition of 12-hour register.

The Camaro is great vintage piece for the money which doubt are a bad buy great all round vintage piece in 1985 the brand changed to Tag Heuer.

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Phillips Daytona Ultimatum Auction Results

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The Phillips Daytona Ultimatum Watch auction ended on the 12th May 2018. Not surprisingly Daytona’s went under the hammer for some serious money.  The Daytona seems to be vintage classic that shows no slowing down the vintage watch of vintage.  All the Daytona’s sold for either between the estimate guide or over suggested higher figure by the auction house.  The most expensive was a rare white gold 18k Daytona Ref 6265 “The Unicorn” with black dial and bark finished bracelet. The bracelet is very unusual not like the standard oyster bracelet most Daytona’s have.  To press most expensive ever was Paul Newmans Daytona the one he actually wore. The pictures below are courtesy of Phillips auction house.

Daytona buyer
The “Unicorn” sold for 5,937,500 CHF which about £450,000 Pounds crazy money, not sure I like the bracelet but its rare piece for the true collector and seems no shortage of collectors.  The cheapest one I say cheap but it still sold for CHF 106,250 and works out at £79,750 pounds so not really cheap at short of £80,000 pounds on a leather strap, much prefer the bracelet to the leather strap always been a bracelet guy.

You can click on link to see full list of Daytona’s that sold with prices and pictures etc…. Phillips Daytona Ultimatum Auction

The Breitling Bentley B05 Ref AB0521U4

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Hands on With The Breitling Bentley B05 unitime Ref AB0521U4 flagship steel model by Breitling but does come in precious metals and optional leather strap.  This is a beast of a watch 49mm in size that tells the time in loads of cities all at the same time no need to adjust once set.  The Breitling Bentley is a huge watch great wrist presence and suppose you have a Bentley car you need to have the watch to boot.
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The Breitling is stainless steel but mainly all highly polished to mirror finish which picks up marks and scratches very easily as I found out wearing one, I always prefer satin finish on watches a lot more durable long term.   The Bentley is very brash and in your face the outstanding feature over other Bentley models is the instant time in all 24 hour zones in the world great for a frequent traveler or jet setter.

The dial is royal ebony black and movement is Breitlings in-house B05, when changing timezone you turn the crown forward or backward in one-hour increments and it corrects all indications in one smooth action, with the date automatically adjusted to local time.  The twenty four hour city bezel indications takes in to account of summer or Daylight Saving Time (DST).

The dial bearing a Breitling wings logo raised raised motif with a sculpted globe accentuating the travel theme, driven by a highly original oscillating weight shaped like a wheel rim with Bentley Logo and visible through the see through  caseback. The watch is cosc rated as you would expect for a prestige brand water resistant 100 metres with Antiglare glass both sides.  but the price is staggering Rrp £11,320 which is not great selling point nearly £12,000 gets you a lot of Rolex!

Breitling on whole are great watches and very shiny but can be very pricey recently the new CEO has reduced all the Rrp’s across all there range. One thing you can always do is ask for a discount plenty of retailers will discount the watch especially when they get upto 45% off Rrp for the bigger outlets. Most Brands discount except Rolex with steel sports model these days your lucky to actually get one nevermind get some money off!

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Rolex Milgauss 116400GV

The Rolex Milgauss 116400GV Blue

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Hands on with the Rolex Milgauss 116400GV Blue this one a recent acquisition in the past I have had the older version GV model Green sapphire glass Black dial.  This model was originally launched at Basel 2014 and I think its the nicest one to press blue dial green sapphire glass.  The Milgauss was first introduced in 1956 with reference 6541 which had the trade mark of the Milgauss the unusual shaped lighting strike second hand which stuck with the watch to present day.

The Milgauss case size is 40mm and is very like a Datejust with no date window, bracelet is pretty much the same, this model is known as Z-Blue and the Milgauss itself is designed for working scientists in labs due to most watches being exposed to high magnetic fields which effects time keeping etc…  So hence why Rolex designed the Milgauss back in the 1950’s must have been a great need for them back then.  The bezel is fixed stainless steel and polished, the dial is electric blue with orange lightening strike secondhand watch looks stunning in the sun. Rrp on this model is £6050 they recently discontinued the non GV models.

But some point they introduced a second iteration without the lighting strike hand and Rolex struggled to sell that version (ref:1019) even resorted to chuck in a deal if you bought a premium model Rolex.

The Milgauss has gone through some changes over the years old models fetching serious money these days a bit like vintage cars are too!  The vintage market for a lot items are doing really well it seems people loving vintage.  This Milgauss is latest edition which I think is due a re-vamp there was talks a new model was coming more like the older old versions with rotation bezel made of Bakelite possibly rather than a fixed steel bezel.

But Rolex are hell bent on putting the 70 hour power reserve 3235 movement in all the there models its already in the Sea dweller 126600, Rolex Datejusts 41, new Rolex 126710BLNR so watch out for new model soon.  The movement is there best most accurate longest power reserve self winding movement they have made.

The only thing to note is new Rolex Sports are getting real hard to obtain from Rolex Authorized dealers popularity of steel models are going through the roof in recent last 2 years Brexit not helped with the pound being so weak.

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Talking Watches With Keegan Allen

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Talking Watches With photographer Keegan Allen this is the next installment from Hodinkee watch talk.  The video has some nice pieces I do think any watch collection would not be the same without a Rolex in the collection.  May be one day I will be on Hodinkee myself doubt it thou!!

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Hands On With Tag Heuer F1-chrono Caz1010

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Hands On With Tag Heuer F1-chrono Caz1010 I am not the biggest fan of Quartz movements but there great movements in there own right far more accurate than self winding automatics that most Swiss brands tend to go for also factor in they charge the premium for the automatics.  This is probably one of Tag Heuers best selling models for plenty of reasons very affordable for an well established Swiss watch brand, great looking piece and very durable for an every day watch for work and play.
Formula 1
The F1 is 43mm in case size water resistant to 2oo metres with chronograph function with 3 sub dials and a date window at 4 o clock.  The bezel has a tachymetre which measures the time to distance and is a fixed bezel black titanium carbide coated steel.  The F1 is all brushed stainless steel which is far better than polished steel for everyday use.
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The Tags are great all round watches mass produced and more than likely a first starter watch for people rather than dive in at £5000 premium sports model, as that is the region of a good model Rolex even more!!
Tag Heuer
Tags are also the easiest watch to get discount every top watch shop sells them plenty in stock if you do not ask for discount you do not get one!!  The re-sale value is not the best due to the big discounts can be achieved in stores and more on-line.  So may be better buying used so you do not take a big hit from purchase price when you want a upgrade.  Although most of big Tag Heuer retailers happy to trade in and give a good price to previous customers but the part they do not say after partying with £1150 Rrp you need to spend double the amount you paid initially to get good price on the watch your trading in.  The problem is not everyone wants a new watch they may just want a outright sale and the shops are reluctant to purchase outright also they shop might not have the brand you want to upgrade too.  All in all good watch good size and can buy with discount with out a struggle win win.
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Talking Watches With Racing Driver Mario Andretti

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Part of the Talking Watches by no other Joe Bues from Hodinkee, This video is with Mario Andretti Nascar Racing Driver at his home in Pennsylvania.  A watch collector that collected them a long the way so he says!!  The Motor sport always sponsors heavily so more than likely got a lot free whilst driving.

Watch collectors come in all forms of people tennis players, racing drivers, presenters, etc… amazingly collecting has be come a big business even thou the watch industry is apparently not making as much money in growth revenue. May be its the vintage market taking over collectors wanted list as time goes by.