Rolex Predictions 2022

Price my Rolex Hulk

Rolex Predictions 2022 what are Rolex going to bring to the table in March?  2021 was very disappointing with a new explorer 2 was pretty much same as previous version.  So this year are they going to get the Rolex fans on fire there is rumors going round at present.

So first rumor Rolex Submariner Green dial green bezel Aka “Hulk” The previous one discontinued but new 72 hour movement bigger bracelet.

Price my Rolex Hulk

The current version is the Aka “Starbucks” which has the look of the original green Submariner.  The original was 50th anniversary in 2003 black dial green bezel.  They do like to flip flop back and forwards Rolex from time to time.

Rolex daydate 40mm in 18k Rose Gold is another one with the success of the olive dial. Rumor is could be a blue dial version on the cards.  But last few years green and blue dials are what the people want and me. Plus gone crazy in prices to boot.

Next one rumored is a 18k rose gold Submariner blue bezel currently they have a yellow gold version and white gold so would make sense.  Rose gold has rocketed in popularity as its less in face as 18k yellow gold can be big and brash.

The Rolex Gmt master black bezel is back and would make sense having the pepsi version and batgirl.  So can believe that one as they brought the blue and black bezel one back on both jubilee / oyster bracelet. So black bezel on both bracelets would be a winner and liked.

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Rolex Daytona steel bezel as well as the ceramic bezel? not sure that makes sense they do the non ceramic gold bezel on gold versions at present but not steel.  That been said they do ceramic bezel on gold watches as well so you never know.  Rolex like to bring surprises for the Rolex lovers and keep them guessing. So time will tell in March the sad thing is no one can ever buy any just look and wishful think.

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