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Here is information on how to date your Breitling and find what year it was manufactured.Sell your Breitling todayDate Your Breitling

Breitling starting stamping production dates on casings around the year 2003 as most high end watch companies stamped a serial number on the case which would in turn be able to confirm the year of manufacture. Breitling did things a slightly different way with a week and year stamp. The watch in the picture has the date code between the lugs underneath the bracelet at the 6 o’clock, which denotes as 37th week of year 2008 which is September 2008. The watch also has B5 stamped at the side of the code but it is unknown what it represents.  Also to note if you own a Navitimer Montbrillant Legende the stamp can be found on the back of the lug. Breitling metal bracelets also had a manufacture date code etched in the Same format as the casing week plus the year.

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