Ed Sheeran on Talking Watches Hodinkee

Ed Sheeran on Talking watches with Hodinkee, a video with true Watch-Collector  this is part of the collectors edition with Ben Clymer of Hodinkee.  Hodinkee have been doing the Talking […]

The Best Watch for the Money?

Well this a tricky question what is the best watch for across the board from price to build to affordability. Well I think and always protested the Breitling Superocean Heritage […]

Bitcoin Crypto Currency

Bitcoin Crypto Currency has been a round since 2008 and was built anomalously. But the name given of the designer Satoshi Nakamoto.  This is a short-and version of Bitcoin. The […]

Rolex Predictions 2022

Rolex Predictions 2022 what are Rolex going to bring to the table in March?  2021 was very disappointing with a new explorer 2 was pretty much same as previous version.  […]

Stock Market Crash

Catastrophic Stock Market crash is it over? or do we have plenty more to come?  This week has been worse week in last 2 years for the stock market as […]

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