State of Watch Market 2022

Sell your gold watch

Well its been a interesting 2 years from cars to houses to watches pretty much everything!  So we are apparently back end of a 2 year long pandemic lost 13% GDP  the government has spent 400 billion pounds that is printed and backed by nothing like in the old days gold backed the money in the bank of england.

All that been said how is possible the watch market as gone up and up and up and still keeps rising especially the hard to get models Rolex Pepsi GMT, Rolex Daytona, Rolex Sky dweller…. but even the models not even on the radar people are paying or appear to be paying vast amounts of money for.

Can this be sustainable for the future? and how are prices over double the price of a watch for steel models or we heading for big crash?  historically watches always went up due to inflation plus Rrp price rises in link with what ever they think is acceptable.

The last 5 years have seen the biggest rises but the last 2 years have been unprecedented, but oddly some of the gold solid gold models have not increased in value as much as steel sports models which makes no sense for a sold gold watch.  The Rose gold models have doubled compared to Rrp.

Is this Rose Gold watch thing a faze? or bombproof?

Sell your gold watch
Rolex Yellow Gold Daytona

So this year possibly next year may be a correction with the whole Watch Market this week the stock market had its worse week in last 2 years and crypto currencies had catastrophic week too, so hold tight might be in for a rough ride especially bought at over over Rrp! Only time will tell I suppose.

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