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Sell my Watch? Looking to sell your watch online? This could not be simpler, fill out our easy form providing as much information as possible with pictures, model number, receipts etc.. to achieve a more accurate valuation, then click Send and submit the form and receive an a offer usually the same day or within 48 hours at the max.  Sell my Rolex we also give best instant cash price today.  We buy all for Genuine Swiss watches any age, gender, completeness and quantity as long as in working order. We travel within all locations in UK but focus on Yorkshire, Humberside, Manchester, Lancashire, Cheshire and Newcastle.

Selling your Luxury Watch 

Here is a list of some the main watches we purchase Rolex, Cartier, Breitling, Omega and Panerai, we also purchase other brands listed in the drop down box when filling the form. The Watch-Collector Leeds always tries to give the best possible valuation, it is always a difficult task when the watch has no paperwork or service history to back up the watch especially if the piece is inherited or given as present from a previous relationship.  You Can rest assure I do my upmost to give a fair and accurate assessment from the information provided.  I am also happy to meet face to face to give a valuation on the spot depending on geographic location to me if it is a problem uploading pictures but needs to be localized as would not want to waste your time or mine.

In Yorkshire we adopt a simple logic “we like to know what we are getting paid not what we think we are getting paid.”  If the watch Brand is not listed your welcome to email me direct with the details the email address is on contact page. If the watch is not one of my preferred brands I normally purchase, will try and get you to the right person that does.

Dating your Watch

Filling out the form the date is very important as prices can vary on nearly new pieces to a 10 year old piece, most watches have the serial number lazer etched on the caseback to be easily seen.  This can be dated in a few ways. How to Date your Rolex click on the link or go to info on the header Date My Rolex.  Rolex was always been very smart with case serial numbers they etched the serial number under the bracelet for security so not easily viewed you need a special tool to remove the bracelet to be able to view the actual number.  Around 2005 they started etched the numbers on the inner ring of the glass to be easily identified for crime prevention and also easy view for valuations.  Rolex has always been top of the secondhand pre-owned market it seems the watch to own for loads of reasons, which is why to press they are king of the pre-owned watch market for every inquiry received by a watch company albeit 6 out 10 are Rolex.  The info page has other main brands if you need to know how to date your watch. Sell My Omega Watch? When Dating My Omega Watch? For years Omega etched the serial number on one of the lugs so easily found.  How do we Value your Watch? Watches are valued on various methods used by online retailers / collectors new watches can be a lot simpler to value it will be more than likely a current model on the brands website with a price attached. The problem lies with certain brands that are discounted heavily to retailers worldwide up to 50% which makes it more difficult for me to value a nearly new pre-owned piece. Rolex current Sports steel models are not discounted in anyway at present in fact they all mainly on waiting lists to buy any Sports Steel.

How to determine Authenticity

How to determine a watch is authentic? This is very difficult in today’s market the main key to the puzzle is box and papers? Most people selling there watch have purchased from bricks and mortar store or trusted online retailer which if purchased new receive the box and papers plus receipt so usually is authentic.  But unfortunately there is plenty of watches out there sold that boxes been lost in a recent house move or they have purchased watch “loose” Watch only which is where it gets very difficult to ascertain authenticity.  As the fakes over the years have got better and better they have started using Swiss automatic Eta movements also come with box and papers plus a unique individual serial number which makes it more difficult. The ones from years ago are not that great they felt cheap and the stainless steel used in the watches is cheap steel so looks terrible and has very sharp edges on the bracelet you can cut your fingers!!  But the serial number was the big give away as the serial number was used so many times on multiple watches and just had to google the number which would bring up plenty of search results.  I always use gut instinct mixed with 20 years’ experience with prestige Luxury watches to determine authenticity the feel is the first thing, then I feel for the weight of the watch as cheaply made copies do not feel heavy and never weight the same as a genuine watch itself.  So beware when submitting a Sell my Watch form and trying to pass a non authentic watch to us.

Best Place to Sell my Watch for Cash?

Sell My Watch online UK can be very hard and expensive to sell on Auction or other internet selling website Ebay, Shpock etc… with folk not paying then having to relist time and time again or even worse trying to be scammed which is not unheard of, as these sites attract this behavior with high value items like Watches.  Over the years I heard of unfortunate people this as happen too.  All these unnerving problems can be avoided with direct deals with The Watch-Collector Leeds hence one of the reasons building the site. We aim to make this selling experience simply with old school methods. Feel free to browse our Review page or Trustpilot review for a hassle free selling experience from start to finish submit a form today be one of the smart ones!

Please remember when submitting a form to Sell My Watch check your spam or junk box for a reply if you are using Hotmail or similar mail services especially if not received an offer within 48 hours.

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Disclaimer: We check all pieces on various databases worldwide to check if lost or stolen, also we will never purchase a watch with serial number tampered with in anyway. We are working to make the security of the watch collector community better, safer and more enjoyable for collectors and sellers alike.

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