How To Remove Rolex Bezel

This is a guide on how to remove your Rolex Submariner / Gmt Master II bezel if needs changing or to clean underneath due to rotating problems.


As shown in the pictures mask between the lugs, bezel and case over either shoulder.


Now slide the knife or case opening tool between the bezel, twist the knife anti clockwise gently till hear a little click.


Once the bezel is off you can see the Rolex ratchet with ring spacer. The bezel has an insert that can be simply prized out with your fingers from the inside.


This is in reverse now to put the bezel back on the casing, press back on the bezel with the ratchet at the inside, after that you lay the inner bezel over the outer with lining the triangle up with 12 o clock and press hard running fingers round the bezel.


Sometimes the inner bezel does not click back on which I’ve shown in this picture.


This is how you rectify that problem. Take the bezel back off as in step one, put a cloth on the corner of solid table or kitchen worktop, then roll the bezel around the edge of table pressing firmly left to right as shown in picture should it click in place.


Now place the full bezel over the crystal, tilt it downwards at an angle, pull over and square it up. Press firmly till clicks back then rotate bezel to see all is good.


There is it back all together in one piece with no dinks or scratches.

Disclaimer: If you damage your Rolex you do so at your own risk, this guide is for educational purposes.

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