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Talking Watches With Pras Part 2

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This video is Talking watches with Pras actor song writer, since the last video you can see here click here.  He has added some watches to his collection and done another video part 2 with Hodinkee. Some serious Patel Philippes, Audemars Piguet, etc… Pras a serious watch collector with some stunning pieces has added some really exotic watches to his collection not run of the mill all high end luxury timepieces.

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Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch 3577.50.00 Moon To Mars

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As the says Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch 3577.50.00 Moon to mars, this was a piece I had a while back another limited edition piece by Omega which is no surprise as Omega are thee watch company that bring them in spates.  Its actually unbelievable how many limited edition pieces been produced by Omega, the moonwatch being the most editions made even now then have numbered editions which are not limited edition but kinda off an exclusive edition.
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The Moon to Mars is basically a standard Omega Moonwatch with a sub dials Mars the moon and earth which does set the dial off possibly a future collector piece. The moonwatch is great piece 40mm in size in itself manual wind movement lasts 48 hours then you need to re-wind the watch a total ball ache to be fair.  But Omega owns the rights to “first watch worn on the moon” Omega have brought plenty of new editions to the moonwatch brand since this piece was launched in 2010, 44mm versions, sapphire crystal, co-axial movements, date versions, Moonphases, etc…. no flies on Omega for milking more money out of the moonwatch.

Overall a great every day watch with a little bit of colour on the dial but still the classic design!
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The Sale Of The Paul Newman Daytona 6239 At Phillips Auction

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On Friday Phillips Auctioneers auctioned off for sale, The most iconic watch in the world Paul Newman Daytona’s, this watch was given to his daughters ex partner in the 1980’s which he wore for years.  The watch was given to Paul by his wife and at the time she requested that particular dial which is referred to as the “exotic dial” what a stunning looking piece with great provenance.  But vintage watch lovers owes a lot to Paul Newman especially the Daytona watch!

The watch started off at $1,000,000 and the second bid was $10,000,000 and kept climbing to staggering $15,500,000 with auction fees $17,750,000 making this the most expensive watch ever sold which was no surprise at all.  You can see the high lights in the video below:

Vintage Omega Deville 166 053 Day Date

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Hands on with the Vintage Omega Deville 166 053 Day Date automatic, this piece dates to around 1970,s it looks very similar to a Seamaster. The movement is Omega 24 jewel Cal 752 with fast date advancement via the second date setting on the crown.  Case size is 36mm Omega sold plenty of these pieces back in 70,s and is a good testament to Omega as plenty still around in very good condition as this one is!

The glass is plexi as most of vintage watches from that era, sapphire crystal started around early 80’s as was so much tougher and durable than plexi glass.  I do love the old Omega bracelets they was a work of art, some of the prestige models bracelets from 70’s are fetching silly money.

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The Seamaster was the real deal back then a true divers watch to compete with Rolex especially the Seamaster 300, so Deville’s was not as popular and in today’s market the Deville has changed to more dress design.  But overall a great vintage piece and not too expensive today if your looking for a cheap piece with vintage Seamaster look, the Deville is the one to buy with plenty still kicking around.
166 053

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Rare Rolex Submariner Explorer dial Sold £230K

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Rare Rolex Submariner Explorer dial Sold for £230K at Lockdales Yesterday in Ipswich it smashed the previous record for this model. The watch is Rolex Submariner 5513 which is a great watch in itself but Rolex back in the 1960’s added the 9, 6, and 3 to dial and only made a short production run. The owner of the piece said he nearly damaged the watch when it dropped in a cement mixer some time ago but it seem to have survived the fall.

where to sell your vintage Rolex ?
Now 60 years on the watch are collectible as hell, the more original it is the more the watch does at auction these type of pieces always end up in top auction houses around the world to bring the premium when the hammer falls you rarely see one for sale in a top vintage Rolex shop.

cash for vintage 5513
The auction house estimated £7000 to £8000 which would be correct for a fantastic condition 5513, but this was the biggest sale to date since opening in 1996! The commission on this sale was £38k a nice days work for Lockdales.
Rolex Submariner explorer
The 5513 has a stunning patina on the metres first dial all matching just perfect, the bezel looks original to the watch and the lugs just look pucker for 60 years of age with the original expandable oyster bracelet. This model is slightly rarer with underline under the “Swiss” at 6 o clock. The watch had bidders in the room from all over the world in total over 100 bidders online for the watch in the end a collector from Italy won the auction to take home the stunning Rolex Submariner explorer dial.
This Rolex around the 1960,s would have been around £70 to purchase and today’s equivalent of £1000, that was great investment piece for the owner god knows what the hammer price would be with box and papers with the original sales receipt!

The Paul Newman Daytona is coming up for sale shortly and will break world records as the most expensive watch to date.

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Tag Heuer Carrera Mclaren 1974 Edition CAR2A12

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The Tag Heuer Carrera Mclaren 1974 Edition is a limited edition piece of 1974 units and is to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Mclaren’s first world title from Brazilian born Emerson Fittipaldi in 1974.
cash in tag heuerIn 1974, Brazilian Emerson Fittipaldi won the first of his two World Championships for McLaren. The team was founded in 1963 which made debuted  later on in 1966. The team would win several races in the previous years with drivers Bruce McLaren plus Kiwi Denny Hulme, but Mclaren’s true success for the team proved elusive until the 1970s with Emerson Fittipaldi winning in 1974 after Bruce’s death.
Mclaren 1974
The team was led by Teddy Mayer, they hired young Brazilian Emerson Fittipaldi for the 1974 season which World Championship win was the first for the Mclaren team. This becoming such big milestone for Mclaren hence the Tag Heuer 40th anniversary watch a homage to Mclaren 40 years after the win , The new TAG Heuer Carrera watch  was launched for the 2014 Festival of Speed to pay homage to this 4oth anniversary.
Tag Heuer are the official timing sponsors for the Goodwood festival which they began to do so in 2011 and means plenty of watches to mark the event in the future years not like Tag Heuer need and event to design a new watch.
The watch is striking piece 43mm case size, Panda dial. white dial black sub dials, with a few nice orange bits to complement the watch with a stunning ceramic bezel on a tyre thread rubber strap.  This is a very distinct piece out of the Carrera range and is sure to be a future collectors piece going on recent success on being collectible Panda Dials do really well!!

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Patek Philippe Launches A New Site

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new site
As the title says Patek Philippe have Launched a fresh new site with a video header featuring loads of history also a lot of their models,  Patek was one of the first to launch a site in 1997.  Patek Philippe is mostly regarded as the prestigious of all the Swiss watchmakers but as revenue goes its the forth highest earner Rolex number one no surprise as you can read on a previous blog regarding The worlds most valuable brands.

But Patek have some of the most expensive and complicated watches in the world, also some of the most beautiful pieces that take your breath away.  They have in the past sold at auction thee most expensive watches to date with the Henry Graves grand Supercomplication

Patek Philippe never been the big digital marketing, Patek sells themselves not for the faint hearted, the biggest slogan is “Patek Philippe you never own you merely look after for the next generation”

Now the site is 20 years Patek have fully overhauled the site last upgrade was 2012 without Rrp prices, The new website is full of features, very easy to navigate, and the most important shows official retail prices as previously never showed prices. Its good Patek show the prices now but problem is desirable models have big waiting lists which you lucky to even get on!! Click on link below to view new site


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Rolex Military-Submariner 5513

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Here is a watch that needs a big introduction Vintage Rolex Military Submariner 5513, this is basically a modified 5513 for the British Ministry of defence, they said to be around 1200 estimated in total made in the 1970’s with less than couple pieces in total original condition still left in circulation.  Many will have had dials re-lumed  and hands changed and other parts changed etc…. which effects the value greatly the dial is the most expensive part of a vintage piece especially with very rare watches.

The most notable difference to normal 5513 is the “sword hands” and the “T” for tritium on the dial in a circle just above the 660ft / 200m. There is another modification the spring bars are fixed so the spring bars would not break or flick off easy when worn.  The Mil-Sub only came on a nato-strap they was never supplied with a oyster bracelet due to the fixed spring bars.

The bezel also had some fine changes as this insert has fully graduated markers, the standard 5513 only graduates from 60 to 15 more for diving. The Mil-subs cashback’s had military engraving showing the date of service, in this case 587/76

Military Submariner
This piece is not mine I only can dream of owning such a iconic Military Submariner, this one is for sale at $180,000 dollars by Menta Watches. This pieces have higher value with Rolex Provence which their is a letter from Mr Hudson well know Rolex Head retired watchmaker.   Truly a iconic piece by Rolex that will only keep going up in value due to rarity.

Rolex 116520

5 Watches A Collection should Have!!

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Watch collectors always been a funny breed depending on what level you at there is some pieces that every collector should have or at least tried and tested at some point.  These are the top 5 watches I feel you should have brands are as follows. Rolex, Omega, Tag Heuer, is a good start.  Rolex is king for Collectors thou the most dominant brand for the three.

First: I feel Rolex Daytona always been a piece every collector loves its a great all round piece to be worn on all occasions and always well recognized on the wrist. Vintage Daytona’s are thee one to have but prices are very very high especially the Paul Newman Daytona which started the whole Daytona phenomenon which is going for strength to strength. This one is the next best thing the Rolex 116520 which was discontinued in 2016.

Second: Rolex Submariner a true dive collectors piece, a collection should not be without a Rolex Submariner bond watch! James Bond wore these in early films, Submariner dates to the 50,s which is one of the long standing pieces still going strong today, divers watch, dress watch everyday watch all rounder rolled into one. The Submariner is one of Rolex’s best selling watch, Daytona is most desirable but not their best seller.

Third: The Omega Seamaster Professional aka “Bond Watch” This watch was a classic in the early bond films and great watch as well as a divers watch too watch resistant to 300 Metres always been rivals with Rolex divers.
Price my Omega Seamaster
Forth: The Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch is the piece with a great talking point “The First Watch Worn On the Moon” on the first ever moon landing the astronauts all wore similar pieces to the picture below mine is the same but updated version. Omega took the rights to this and spun it out to 100’s of limited edition pieces since then.  But great watch only thing is its manual wind so which can be a pain every two days winding the watch.

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Fifth: Tag Heuer Carrera Chronograph always a great all round watch also a great starter piece, Tag Heuer’s have some great starter watches and reasonable prices. This the latest version is nice everyday wearer.
There is plenty of watches I think could pass to go in the collection, these are 5 I would recommend for now!