Stock Market Crash

cash for Rolex Daytona

Catastrophic Stock Market crash is it over? or do we have plenty more to come?  This week has been worse week in last 2 years for the stock market as week of selling stocks forced major indexes to the brink.

Some of the experts have suggested S&P 500 could go down another 11%  as the federal reserve raises interest rates if corperate earnings continue to be low.

cash for Rolex Daytona

Morgan Stanley’s as other investment companies all singing the same tune, telling clients this Monday to “ heads down for a few more months,” as slowed earnings growth joins monetary policy uncertainty as primary market concerns.

As inflation falls in USA the federal reserve will jack the interest rates up and have a bearish effect on consumer goods and housing related stocks that have been bullish from rising prices.

So all this been said will it effect the watch market is the question? watches bought these days on investment basis wear it and it goes up in value, will that continue? or at what point do they stop or crash?  time will tell I feel the later.

Patek Philippe slogan is “Patek Philippe you buy to pass is to pass down” good slogan if you could actually buy a Patek Philippe they become like Porsche they pick who buys on there preferred client list.

Rolex is “better than money in the bank!

But one thing is for certain nothing lasts forever so they say!

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