Tiffany Patek Philippe Nautilus 5711

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Patek Philippe Tiffany Dial in the crazy world of watch in last 4 years Patek Philippe watch makers have become a iconic figure but probably for the prices they are achieving. These days at auction especially rare pieces it seems you need some deep deep pockets.

Sell Patek Philippe Cash

The Model in question is a Patek Philippe Nautilus 5711 Tiffany & Co with the turquoise dial limited to 170 pieces to celebrate 170th anniversary. This will be the last iteration of the Nautilus. Its a watch you need to be a millionaire club to get from Patek Philippe as they will select who owns one.

At Phillips auction one sold for $6.5 million dollars to a UK bidder which is obscene amount of money for a all steel watch. The Tiffany Nautilus was the ninth most expensive watch ever sold. That particular model was auctioned for the Nature Conservancy which all proceeds went to the charity.

All 170 pieces where sold solely by Tiffany & Co USA.

Patek Philippe make beautiful watches and some of the most complicated and expensive watches to date in the world. But Patek are not the brand that makes the most money “turnover” Rolex is king of that market.  Patek have the record for the most complicated watch in the world which is actually a pocket watch.

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