A Modern Watch Collector?

Watch Valuation

What is a Modern Watch Collector these days? has the Watch Collector changed over the years or is he still the same person a true collector?  Collectors are funny people but I think the average Collectors habits are changing.

Watch Valuation

In the years I been collecting everyone buys a watch and sells something from time to time. I feel Collectors are becoming increasingly more about selling for profit.  More they get from the Authorized dealers they can potentially make more profit to grey market dealers.

As modern Rolex’s Patek Philippe’s AP’s get harder to get they want them more and more? but do they keep them in the collection or is flip/Sell the watch for big profit. Judging buy all the the modern watches for sale world wide think the greed of flipping. Vintage watches I feel are bought by true Collectors in my opinion.

Here is why they are pickiest buyers ever want the perfect piece even thou 40 years olds.  Box and papers being the biggest big bug bearer.  Back in the 1980’s and pre 1980’s box and papers was not a big issue was just a box and papers was just a year warranty certificate.

Sell Vintage Rolex 1016

Fast forward 40 years box and papers is like the quintessential key factor that is hard to get with Vintage watch you chasing.  Also vintage stuff is a lot harder to purchase without good prior knowledge infact it is a complete minefield.

Modern is far easier to buy than vintage got to say I struggle myself at times, and often phone a friend lol.  But true Collectors buy Vintage from auction houses and reputable dealers around the world.  Especially the high value ticket items with vintage the dial is the most valuable part of the vintage watch, So getting that wrong is a big mistake and costly.

Fake watches are really good in general these days especially vintage, with it been aged they have aged the dial to suit which makes it difficult to assess. The other big problem is not seeing that particular watch regular or had plenty of the years to refer to can be very tricky. Dial variations Mk1, Mk2 Mk3 and so on…..

I love vintage got so much charm and aged patina also looks the business and great for wearing everyday etc…. But buying vintage go to a specialist vintage dealer or big auction house.

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