Ed Sheeran on Talking Watches Hodinkee

Watch Payer

Ed Sheeran on Talking watches with Hodinkee, a video with true Watch-Collector  this is part of the collectors edition with Ben Clymer of Hodinkee.  Hodinkee have been doing the Talking watches series for years.  They invite esteemed collectors, famous people connected to watches or the industry to talk watches.

A great concept Ben Clymer Executive chairman of Hodinkee widely considered a leading voice in watch World.  Hodinkee always been a place to discuss watch industry, auctions etc…  In 2018 they started selling watches pre-owned pieces even been doing so limited editions pieces with big brands.

The had some great watch pieces with Omega, Blancpain etc… with they name on the dial.  This is the video to enjoy with Ed Sheeran.

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