The Best Watch for the Money?

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Well this a tricky question what is the best watch for across the board from price to build to affordability. Well I think and always protested the Breitling Superocean Heritage II is that watch.  The watch has Breitlings own movement in comes with cracking ceramic Bezel which looks stunning.

Price my Breitling Today

The Price is £3880 and what a watch for the money comes on variety of colours & sizes a strap options. I have owned a good few other the years always preferred the mesh bracelet than rubber strap.  Breitling uses a B20 in-house movement power reserve 70 hours that carries 5 year warranty. Watch is water resistant to 200mm so divers watch in a effect. Most Breitling watches are COSC rated so timing keeping is excellent.

Stainless steel polished case and bracelet but great all rounder that feels like a £8000 watch, the build on these watch is just well above the normal sub standard watches.  Tag Heuers are not cheap and tend to fall to bits in my opinion from experience.  I would be shocked after 5 years if the watch did still run in great stead. Can almost guarantee your 5 year Tag Heuer will be running slow or not working.

Tags are probably the most popular entry level sports watch today for young lads, birthday watches, christmas presents. If you bought a similar value piece from Tag the Superocean wins on build quality plus durability.

Superocean just looks amazing great everyday watch plus looks great with a suit & shirt or casual jeans with t shirt. Also not too flash but flash enough I really like the new green dial version.  If I only had £4000 to spent of a watch this is thee watch to buy and you would regret it. Current resale value is  around half the value of Rrp in used condition.  But most important the look and feel of the watch which makes you smile, £4000 seems a lot of money to spend and it is but on the other hand its not a lot in the crazy watch world.



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