Rolex Milgauss 116400GV

The Rolex Milgauss 116400GV Blue

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Hands on with the Rolex Milgauss 116400GV Blue this one a recent acquisition in the past I have had the older version GV model Green sapphire glass Black dial.  This model was originally launched at Basel 2014 and I think its the nicest one to press blue dial green sapphire glass.  The Milgauss was first introduced in 1956 with reference 6541 which had the trade mark of the Milgauss the unusual shaped lighting strike second hand which stuck with the watch to present day.

The Milgauss case size is 40mm and is very like a Datejust with no date window, bracelet is pretty much the same, this model is known as Z-Blue and the Milgauss itself is designed for working scientists in labs due to most watches being exposed to high magnetic fields which effects time keeping etc…  So hence why Rolex designed the Milgauss back in the 1950’s must have been a great need for them back then.  The bezel is fixed stainless steel and polished, the dial is electric blue with orange lightening strike secondhand watch looks stunning in the sun. Rrp on this model is £6050 they recently discontinued the non GV models.

But some point they introduced a second iteration without the lighting strike hand and Rolex struggled to sell that version (ref:1019) even resorted to chuck in a deal if you bought a premium model Rolex.

The Milgauss has gone through some changes over the years old models fetching serious money these days a bit like vintage cars are too!  The vintage market for a lot items are doing really well it seems people loving vintage.  This Milgauss is latest edition which I think is due a re-vamp there was talks a new model was coming more like the older old versions with rotation bezel made of Bakelite possibly rather than a fixed steel bezel.

But Rolex are hell bent on putting the 70 hour power reserve 3235 movement in all the there models its already in the Sea dweller 126600, Rolex Datejusts 41, new Rolex 126710BLNR so watch out for new model soon.  The movement is there best most accurate longest power reserve self winding movement they have made.

The only thing to note is new Rolex Sports are getting real hard to obtain from Rolex Authorized dealers popularity of steel models are going through the roof in recent last 2 years Brexit not helped with the pound being so weak.

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Talking Watches With Keegan Allen

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Talking Watches With photographer Keegan Allen this is the next installment from Hodinkee watch talk.  The video has some nice pieces I do think any watch collection would not be the same without a Rolex in the collection.  May be one day I will be on Hodinkee myself doubt it thou!!

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Hands On With Tag Heuer F1-chrono Caz1010

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Hands On With Tag Heuer F1-chrono Caz1010 I am not the biggest fan of Quartz movements but there great movements in there own right far more accurate than self winding automatics that most Swiss brands tend to go for also factor in they charge the premium for the automatics.  This is probably one of Tag Heuers best selling models for plenty of reasons very affordable for an well established Swiss watch brand, great looking piece and very durable for an every day watch for work and play.
Formula 1
The F1 is 43mm in case size water resistant to 2oo metres with chronograph function with 3 sub dials and a date window at 4 o clock.  The bezel has a tachymetre which measures the time to distance and is a fixed bezel black titanium carbide coated steel.  The F1 is all brushed stainless steel which is far better than polished steel for everyday use.
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The Tags are great all round watches mass produced and more than likely a first starter watch for people rather than dive in at £5000 premium sports model, as that is the region of a good model Rolex even more!!
Tag Heuer
Tags are also the easiest watch to get discount every top watch shop sells them plenty in stock if you do not ask for discount you do not get one!!  The re-sale value is not the best due to the big discounts can be achieved in stores and more on-line.  So may be better buying used so you do not take a big hit from purchase price when you want a upgrade.  Although most of big Tag Heuer retailers happy to trade in and give a good price to previous customers but the part they do not say after partying with £1150 Rrp you need to spend double the amount you paid initially to get good price on the watch your trading in.  The problem is not everyone wants a new watch they may just want a outright sale and the shops are reluctant to purchase outright also they shop might not have the brand you want to upgrade too.  All in all good watch good size and can buy with discount with out a struggle win win.
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Talking Watches With Racing Driver Mario Andretti

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Part of the Talking Watches by no other Joe Bues from Hodinkee, This video is with Mario Andretti Nascar Racing Driver at his home in Pennsylvania.  A watch collector that collected them a long the way so he says!!  The Motor sport always sponsors heavily so more than likely got a lot free whilst driving.

Watch collectors come in all forms of people tennis players, racing drivers, presenters, etc… amazingly collecting has be come a big business even thou the watch industry is apparently not making as much money in growth revenue. May be its the vintage market taking over collectors wanted list as time goes by.


Roger Smith

Talking Watches With Roger Smith

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Talking Watches With Roger Smith one of thee worlds greatest watch makers sharing his knowledge and his collection to Hodinkee. A short video Roger for worked years with Dr George Daniels the chap invented the co-axial movement which is used today in variety of watches. Omega have plenty of co-axial movements in there range.

Basel 2018

Top 5 Rolex’s at Basel 2018

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The top 5 watches at Basel 2018 a short video by Time & Tide showing the best new editions by Rolex. The main one that caused all Rolex Dealers world wide phones to go in to melt down was the Gmt Master 2 “Pepsi.”  Wednesday 21st after Instagram posts and Rolex updated the website with the new models every one including me got on the phone to nearest local Rolex Authorized dealer, but unfortunately Rolex seem to be going in a different direction these days.

Rolex AD’s seem to adopting the approach that if your already a customer or bought plenty in past they will put you a waiting list for watch as these days all sports steel models are on waiting lists …… only the few that people do not want you can buy there and then i.e. Explorer 1, explorer 2, Airking, Yachtmaster

So Rolex will happy to take new customers on all the other stuff in the shop.  Enjoy the video but do not expect to get one thou!!


Price my Rolex 116610LN

Rolex Submariner 16610 vs Rolex Submariner 116610LN

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The Rolex Submariner 16610 vs Rolex Submariner 116610LN Ceramic this a comparision of the old vs the new.  Rolex updated the Rolex 16610 around 2010 to the refined 116610LN Ceramic, initially I was not a big fan of the new Submariner Ceramic always loved the standard Sub.  Over time it grew on me then once I purchased realized was a great watch better than the older model in every way.

The two models side by side both 40mm in case size but the shoulders are bigger on Sub C so makes the watch feel and look bigger ascetically on the wrist. The most distinct change is the move from steel bezel insert to Ceramic bezel insert as Ceramic is a lot tougher material too scratch.  The other little change was luminova on the hour plots to blue from Green.

The Sub C has the same 3135 movement as the older which can see a new model hitting Basel in the near future as they upgraded most other models Datejust 41mm, Sea dweller 4000, Daydate 40mm with the Calibre 3235 so only matter of time …….  The 3235 movement has 70 hours power reserve with cosc rating of -2/+2 which is New Rolex superlative chronometer rating that Rolex introduced around 2015.

Ceramic Rolex Oyster glidelock
The bracelet they have revamped its the new Oyster glide lock system its so easy to adjust the strap to go over your divers suit or if you needed to micro adjust for the wrist.  Overall the Sub C is so much robust than the older Submariner it is near perfect I do Loves Submariners in generally but the choice now would be the Sub C.

I have had plenty of the Older Submariners  in the past and prefer the Sub C but in the Rolex Submariner LV versions its the kermit that be my choice to have, very collectible and sought after now.  Rolex Submariners have been going for over 60 years so we can safely say tried and tested model from Rolex.












The unfortunate news is that Rolex is cutting production on steel models so all steel Rolex become hard to obtain from authorized Rolex Dealers in the UK which makes it hard for all the Rolex lovers.

Hands on Rolex Datejust 16233 Diamond Dial

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Hands on With Rolex Oyster Perpetual Datejust 16233 Diamond Dial 18K gold and stainless, this a lovely dress piece by Rolex part of the Datejust range it is very similar to Rolex 16234 on previous post but with a gold Fluted Bezel gold crown and gold centre links.
Rolex Datejust 16233
The Datejust is very popular model for women and men and made in 5 sizes 26mm, 28mm, 31mm, 36mm, and 41mm which is a new model 2017. This particular one is 36mm case size so can be unisex as women are wearing big watches these days so hence Rolex bringing 41mm Size out too.

The Datejust is a blend of polished steel polished Gold fluted gold bezel with satin finish, water resistant to 50m and comes in 100,s of colours, metals, styles. This one has a gold Dial with Diamond at each hour plot and gold hour plus minute hand, sapphire crystal with the Rolex bubble over the date aperture at 3 o clock.  This one dates to 2000 in 2004 the DJ was refined.

The bracelet on the Datejust is the jubilee version small half rolled gold link with steel outer links on a folding steel clasp. The DJ is a great watch and a lot of flash for the money is probably why so popular in the pre-owned market suits all types of people. Sports Rolex has always been the most desirable model but not best selling Models
16233want to sell your Rolex 16233

Rolex always made beautiful watches there is not many I do not like.