The Rolex Datejust 116201 Stainless Steel With 18k Everose Gold

This was sadly one of the departed as being a collector of watches you can love and appreciate a watch, then decide its time to buy something new, fresh possibly different.  I must admit this model Rolex 116201 was one of the nicest bi-metal versions of the Datejusts 36mm in size with a smooth 18k gold bezel not fluted.

i do like the new style oyster bracelet, stainless steel with 18k everose Gold as they have solid middle links which as all current versions have today.  Solid middle links means over time you wont get any stretch on the bracelet as older versions used bend badly, then start to look tatty and worn, also has a pink factory diamond dial that is stunning looker which appeals to men and women being a unisex size time piece.  Rolex are not the most expensive brand in the world but certainly the most know of all Swiss watches.

Over the years Rolex have fixed all the little iggle’s from the predecessors. easy to adjust the bracelet with have to take links out, barley any stretch over time. overall a stunning watch to wear on special occasions.

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