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Talking Watches with Morgan King


As the title says Talking watches with Morgan King, part of the Hodinkee Talking watches series a favorite of mine, I like sharing as they find the best watch collectors worldwide and show they stunning watches off.  Vintage Rolex, Vintage Heuer, Vintage Breitling some of the best in vintage, love all of them wish that collection was mine. Vintage watches in the last 5 years gone crazy may be to do with more as an investment piece rather than money sat in the bank earning 0.2 interest!!

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The Rolex Daytona of Daytona,s Ref 116520


Here is the Rolex Daytona Cosmograph of Daytona,s ref 116520 stainless steel model, always admired and love this watch i thing is a stunning piece in every way.  The Daytona has a long history of famous characters owing them also pushing the Daytona brand with names behind them probably the most famous is Paul Newman some of the older versions as he worn go for £1000,000 plus the ones not owed by him still fetch big money.  The watch has changed over the years and build quality is astounding these days it can be worn for all occasions and still look the part classy and sporty with the looks too.  There used to be a waiting list of 10 years a while back its now where near that in 2015. The Daytona was made for NASCAR racing and named after Daytona beach there main feature chronograph which start stop a race time also measure the speed in miles per hour on the tachy meter bezel. There never had the date function but i believe they will have in the pipe line one day. I will enjoy and appreciate this watch for a long time to come there is always plenty of places on line to Sell your Rolex.





Monte Blanc’s New E Strap


Here is new twist alternative to the Apple iwatch, Monte Blanc introduced a revolutionary strap to attach to your luxury watch, as most people with a luxury Swiss watch wont want to remove the watch off the wrist and replace with a iwatch. This seems to be there solution place the strap on the head of your Rolex and you get most functions via bluetooth to the strap seems a good idea checkout the full article below:

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Esa & Omega A watch for the Astronauts


This is a good article as Esa and #Omega joined forces to create a new #Moonwatch the Omega Speedmaster Skywalker X-33 never knew a new version was in such popular demand,  As for many years the first watch worn on the moon was the Omega #speedmaster manual wind in 1969 was the official one on the historic landing all thou all the astronauts had #Rolex Gmtmaster 2 as well which did spark another debate.  Any how a nice new piece for future astronauts.

New Omega Astronauts watch

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A Tag Heuer Monaco CW2112


This is a newer version of the classic #TagHeuer Monaco but with a silver dial ref CW2112 dates from around 2005 not sure it was a big success at the time as black dial version seem to be the more popular and i rarely see this version these days.  As a collector of watches they come and go like buses one minute you like next minute its not for me, so this particular model never made me smile so i traded the watch a while back.  But i am sure they loved by a lot of people but the blue dial version still is the true classic #Monaco #SteveMcqueen wore.

tag heuer cw2112P1010838-600x450 P1010840-600x450 P1010842-600x450 Tag-Heuer-Monaco-600x450


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A Ladies Stainless steel Jlc Reverso


A small little wonder from Jlc is a nice piece of kit, this is the jaeger-lecoultre  reverso is one of there very very popular watches which they manufacture  in men’s plus ladies, the ladies just smaller versions of the men’s but very nice.

You basically flip the watch hence the name reverso but a lot of the new versions have dual dialone  each side like a day and night watch if you like, but this a older model just has a polished stainless steel case back so looks like a bracelet on the wrist.  They have a good long history in Swiss watch making and make fine time pieces.

Ladies jlc reverso P1020341-600x338 P1020342-600x338 P1020343-600x338Sell My Watch Today