The Rolex Daytona of Daytona,s Ref 116520

Here is the Rolex Daytona Cosmograph of Daytona,s ref 116520 stainless steel model, always admired and love this watch i thing is a stunning piece in every way.  The Daytona has a long history of famous characters owing them also pushing the Daytona brand with names behind them probably the most famous is Paul Newman some of the older versions as he worn go for £1000,000 plus the ones not owed by him still fetch big money.  The watch has changed over the years and build quality is astounding these days it can be worn for all occasions and still look the part classy and sporty with the looks too.  There used to be a waiting list of 10 years a while back its now where near that in 2015. The Daytona was made for NASCAR racing and named after Daytona beach there main feature chronograph which start stop a race time also measure the speed in miles per hour on the tachy meter bezel. There never had the date function but i believe they will have in the pipe line one day. I will enjoy and appreciate this watch for a long time to come there is always plenty of places on line to Sell your Rolex.





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