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5 Watches A Collection should Have!!

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Watch collectors always been a funny breed depending on what level you at there is some pieces that every collector should have or at least tried and tested at some point.  These are the top 5 watches I feel you should have brands are as follows. Rolex, Omega, Tag Heuer, is a good start.  Rolex is king for Collectors thou the most dominant brand for the three.

First: I feel Rolex Daytona always been a piece every collector loves its a great all round piece to be worn on all occasions and always well recognized on the wrist. Vintage Daytona’s are thee one to have but prices are very very high especially the Paul Newman Daytona which started the whole Daytona phenomenon which is going for strength to strength. This one is the next best thing the Rolex 116520 which was discontinued in 2016.

Second: Rolex Submariner a true dive collectors piece, a collection should not be without a Rolex Submariner bond watch! James Bond wore these in early films, Submariner dates to the 50,s which is one of the long standing pieces still going strong today, divers watch, dress watch everyday watch all rounder rolled into one. The Submariner is one of Rolex’s best selling watch, Daytona is most desirable but not their best seller.

Third: The Omega Seamaster Professional aka “Bond Watch” This watch was a classic in the early bond films and great watch as well as a divers watch too watch resistant to 300 Metres always been rivals with Rolex divers.
Price my Omega Seamaster
Forth: The Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch is the piece with a great talking point “The First Watch Worn On the Moon” on the first ever moon landing the astronauts all wore similar pieces to the picture below mine is the same but updated version. Omega took the rights to this and spun it out to 100’s of limited edition pieces since then.  But great watch only thing is its manual wind so which can be a pain every two days winding the watch.

selling my Omega

Fifth: Tag Heuer Carrera Chronograph always a great all round watch also a great starter piece, Tag Heuer’s have some great starter watches and reasonable prices. This the latest version is nice everyday wearer.
There is plenty of watches I think could pass to go in the collection, these are 5 I would recommend for now!

The Rolex Daytona of Daytona,s Ref 116520

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Here is the Rolex Daytona Cosmograph of Daytona,s ref 116520 stainless steel model, always admired and love this watch i thing is a stunning piece in every way.  The Daytona has a long history of famous characters owing them also pushing the Daytona brand with names behind them probably the most famous is Paul Newman some of the older versions as he worn go for £1000,000 plus the ones not owed by him still fetch big money.  The watch has changed over the years and build quality is astounding these days it can be worn for all occasions and still look the part classy and sporty with the looks too.  There used to be a waiting list of 10 years a while back its now where near that in 2015. The Daytona was made for NASCAR racing and named after Daytona beach there main feature chronograph which start stop a race time also measure the speed in miles per hour on the tachy meter bezel. There never had the date function but i believe they will have in the pipe line one day. I will enjoy and appreciate this watch for a long time to come there is always plenty of places on line to Sell your Rolex.