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Phillips: Hong Kong Vintage Watch Auction


Phillips Auction in Hong Kong 30 May 2017 should have some really nice vintage pieces for sale it seems the world has gone vintage mad! The auction has some great pieces from Heuer, Omega, Rolex, Vacheron Constantin, Longines, Breitling, Zenith, Panerai, Bregeut, Patek Philippe and many more. These vintage watch auctions pull some top money for the right pieces as they are getting harder and harder to find in top condition box and papers and folk wanted to snap the top pieces what ever the cost.

I was never into vintage watches was always in to modern pieces till about 5 years ago, but then I realized how nice it is with aged patina and matt dial etc…..and just simple the simple fact the watch had be worn and loved rather than stored in box. But unfortunately you need pockets these days to buy them vintage pieces from top the names and I mean deep deep pockets.  The Paul Newman Daytona 6363 was may be around £300 in the 1970,s some these days fetching over a million dollars. Any thing Paul Newman or Steve Mcqueen wore are timeless classics only going one direction in price and people know this. This Rolex Daytona 6263 did a staggering over $3 million!!

Take a look at some of the lots at auction some stunning pieces.

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Hodinkee Best of 2016 Review


The Hodinkee Best of 2016 Review video lots of great watches through the previous year. I do love there video’s as watches make me tick from some of the best brands we all love Patek Philippe, vintage Heuer, Omega, Iwc, Tudor and many more. British Horology which is very good in its own right.


Omega Speedmaster 3569.31.00

“Speedmaster Tuesday” Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch 3569.31.00


As the title says “Speedy Tuesday” this one of the many Limited Editions Omega made which is probably in the 1000s,  The Moonwatch has always been a favorite of mine does not get much better in conversation as “The first watch worn on the Moon.”  This particular model the Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch Apollo II 35th Anniversary was made around 2004 and limited to 3500 pieces and is the standard moonwatch 42mm with the hesalite crystal and Calibre 1861 movement which is slight update of the 861 movement that they put in the original moonwatch.

The apollo II is a cracking looking piece which I think will be a future collector’s “got to have piece”, as the watch has some very nice touches that most speedy fans will like:

firstly the Panda Dial silver dial black subdials always goes down well in any watch.

2nd. The applied Metal Omega Logo as the first pre moon watches that date pre 1969 hence “pre moon” had the applied logo then after the dials all made with the painted logo in white.  The caseback not to shabby either all together a very nice piece that is modern with a few twists from the old Moonwatch.

3rd Th red writing on the landing 20 July 1969 all in all works well.


The apollo Limited edition were made every 5 years from the first moon landing on 20 July 1969 to commemorate the landing and I think this definitely one to have in the apollo II editions.   To be fair all moonwatch are great pieces in general well respected watches that loved by millions if you like winding them up every 48 hours. If you get the chance to purchase one do not hesitate in purchasing there getting harder to find.

Omega speedmaster apollo 35th Anniversarysell Omega Moonwatch p1060245 p1060246 p1060247p1060249 p1060251selling your Speedmaster p1060253


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Breitling Crosswind A13355 Stainless Steel Chronograph


Here we have the Breitling Crosswind reference A13355 polished stainless steel is slowing becoming a classic watch design, I have owned a fair few over the years and they are not a small piece by any means, it measures 43mm in size with chronograph function with date window at 3 o clock.

The stunning white dial with raised roman numerals and raised Breitling logo also with a tachymeter around the inner bezel ring for timing distance to speed.  The rotating bezel just has the minute markers for diving and is water resistant to 100m although the primary function of the watch is designed for pilots. The sapphire crystal has a anti glare coating on both sides for zero sun reflecting with viewing dial while when flying at high altitudes.

This model comes in a few variants gold and steel and solid gold and was discontinued around 2005 for chronomat evolution which very similar but a few minor changes. A great value piece on the secondhand market for you buck in my opinion!

P1040362P1040359 P1040360 P1040361P1040363 P1040365 P1040366 P1040367buy my Breitling

The Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch “AKA Snoopy”


Here we have the ultimate new edition launched at basel 2015 by Omega, The Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch “Snoopy” limited Edition to 1970 pieces in total. Everyone seems to want one but they sold in pre orders in minutes when the launched the snoopy.

This particular snoopy is a updated version the original snoopy launched 2003 to commemorate the apollo mission in 1970 which is a standard moonwatch with a snoopy caseback and picture of snoopy at 9 o clock and they made just over 5000 pieces.

The snoopy old and new have become very sort after for collectors the new one doubled in price the day people started to get them delivered current prices range for £8500 to £14000 pounds, the Rrp was £4630 seems crazy I know.  The new version has a Ceramic bezel with Sapphire anti glare glass not hesalite like the old snoopy, the movement is the manual wind 1862 cal that been used for years by Omega. The case size is slightly bigger by 2mm which all the new moon watches have grown in size.

They have kept the tachymetre the same and used super luminova on the dial to glow in the dark and comes on a nylon coated strap with deployment strap, not sure why Omega did not use a bracelet like or give you the option.  But overall a cracking piece by Omega that I am sure will be much loved in the years sadly this one is not mine but a fellow collectors.

Omega SnoopyP1050249 P1050250 P1050251 P1050252P1050254P1050255P1050256P1050258P1050263


Watch Shopping in Chicago


As the title says Watch shopping in Chicago a visit to the new Marshall pierce a video by Hodinkee. Unfortunately Years ago I was in Chicago for a good while but was not into watches back then. I would be certainly be watch shopping if I ever go back to Chicago a great city to see the windy city.

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Rolex Submariner 16610 LV

The Rolex Submariner Green 16610LV


The Rolex Submariner LV 16610LV

As the title says one of my all time favorites in modern times The Rolex Submariner 16610LV, first launch in 2003 to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Submariner.  The Submariner success spans over 50 years of a true tool divers watch and I feel this was a game changer for future Rolex sport models.  This piece was not loved at first but started to be appreciated over time, the dial had big hour plots also bigger hour hand compared to the standard Submariner and a gorgeous green bezel which made the watch in my opinion.  So the standard Sub model number is 16610 then they added LV on the end of the model number which stands  Lunette Verte. 

The Submariner is water resistant to 300m and has the Patented triple lock crown which gave Rolex they diver status back in the 1950,s, I have owned a few of this particular model in the past and this production was made in limited numbers compared to other models.  The run dates from 2003 to 2010 a seven year run in total.  Now in 2016 they have become very sort after for collectors and everyone it has become the one to have prices average £5000 plus to buy one considering new RRP was £2650 ouch!

Rolex sports watches from around 2006 had a new feature which came from the Submariner LV  big hour plots big hands become the norm as Rolex must have decided it was the right combination.  I still love them and in the years since launch I probably only seen possibly two when clock watching people’s wrists as I always do.  Overall a must have in any collection and I personally feel will be a future modern collectors piece so get when one if you can.


IMG_5690 IMG_5692

How to Service The 234- Component Cal 1861 SpeedMaster


How to Service The 234- Component Cal 1861 SpeedMaster

As the title says Hodinkee have been inside The Omega Speedmaster at Manfredi Jewels and getting all the low down on how to service a Speedmaster Cal 1861 which they use in plenty of there watches. Very articulate job servicing watches need steady hands and good eyes!!

Breitling Super Avenger Ref: M13370


Breitling Super Avenger Black Steel Ref: M13370

This was a piece I had for short while The Breitling Super Avenger M13370 Black steel Titanium very big watch but also very light in weight.  The Super Avenger is a large watch measuring 48.4mm with the crown and comes in plenty of various versions stainless steel is probably the most popular version in my opinion.  The movement is a Breitling 13 based on a eta valjoux 7750 with a power reserve of 48 hours with chronograph and date function, watch is water resistant to 300M with unidirectional bezel.  This model is made of titanium and comes on a Breitling rubber strap and is not  that noticeable on weight on the wrist as much as the stainless steel versions on a steel bracelet.

I do love the black steel watches but they do not fare well with minor scuffs and scraps which are not easily polished out, overall a nice watch in black steel it that is the look you require for the money.

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P1040475 P1040476 P1040477 P1040478 P1040482P1040471P1040472P1040483

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Talking watches with William Massena


Talking watches with William Massena

As the title says Talk watches with William Massena presented by hodinkee as always great video with exquisite timepieces from some the worlds finest Swiss Watch makers.