Omega Seamaster Pro Chrono Ref:


This is another great watch by Omega the Seamaster Professional Chronograph black dial version has always been one of my favorite pieces casing size is 41.5mm which is just thicker in depth from the original bond non chrono watch but with a in house chronograph 1164 automatic movement.  This has 2 version blue dial blue bezel like the bond watch which has been around years and the black dial black bezel which i think started around 2006 which i prefer. This particular model has not long been phased out by Omega for a newer ceramic bezel 44mm version with a new co axial movement and date function.  But I prefer the older version as size and originality and simplicity overall cracking everyday watch which can be bought at reasonable price used.


omega Omega seamaster pro P1030152 P1030153 P1030154


The Must De Cartier Chronoscaph Ref: 2424


The Must De Cartier Chronoscaph 21 Ref: 2424 is a nice piece from#Cartier with a stunning dark silver dial with Cartier logo pattern with light silver sub dials in stainless steel.  watch houses a Cartier 272 quartz movement with a #chronograph and a date function at 5 o clock.  The case size is 38mm so not too big or small but does wear a nice size, bezel is fixed with roman numerals and finished in brushed stainless steel.  They do a few options with the bracelet a full stainless steel polished and brushed steel on a deployment clasp as the one in the pictures also a few with rubber and stainless steel polished links in the middle to give a sporty or casual look.  The Chronoscaph is an acquired taste its like mar mite love or hate it i decided not to keep the watch as i not great fan of #quartz movements prefer automatic feel like you are getting more for your money especially  the prices of watches these days
P1020039-600x450Cartier 2121 P1020036-600x450 P1020025-600x450 P1020023-600x450

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A Brief History of Rolex – A Brand to Reckon With


Way back in 1905 a spirited young man named Hans Wilsdorf founded a small company that specialized in distributing timepieces. Even then, his passion was to create a masterpiece of a watch that could be worn on the wrist. It was the time of pocket watches that came with an attached chain that was fixed on the lapel of the coat or in the side pocket of a robe. These pocket watches had separate keys that had to be carried along to wind them. Then came an innovation called keyless pocket watches, which simply had the key or winder attached.

Wilsdorf thought up of the name Rolex simply because he wanted people to instantly remember his watches. The short and catchy name stuck, and today we have Rolex, which is probably the best brand of wristwatches. This was in 1910 when Wilsdorf had graduated from distributing timepieces to creating masterpieces that ran on precision mechanical movements. Around a decade later, 1919 to be precise, Wilsdorf decided to move his operations. What Detroit was to cars, Geneva was to watches. Hence Wilsdorf chose to move Rolex to Geneva, the Mecca of watches.

Not content with making ordinary watches, Wilsdorf decided to add exclusivity to his creations. He embedded real diamonds in his watches, and around 1920 was born the Deco Diamond Rolex, the most sought after possession that was hand wound, and had fabulous silk straps. The precision and glamour of a Rolex was beyond compare. Innovation being the way of thinking with Wilsdorf, he next hit upon creating waterproof watches, which were introduced under the appropriate name Oyster, in 1926. To prove its worth, Wilsdorf had a young swimmer named Mercedes Gleitze swim across the English Channel wearing an Oyster. Needless to say, not a drop of water found its way in.

Between 1929 and 1931, Rolex watches came out with Rolex Prince, and the world’s first watch that had a built-in self-winding automatic mechanism that took the world by storm. These vintage pieces are most sought after collectors’ items today. As early as 1945 Rolex perfected the art of displaying the date in a tiny window in its watches. The year 1953 was a conquest of sorts for Wilsdorf, when a Rolex was worn by Sir Edmund Hillary during his conquest of the summit of Mt Everest. The watch was aptly called the Explorer, and was an instant hit.

The same year witnessed the launching of The Submariner, a watch that could be worn by divers going deep undersea. This watch was waterproof up to a depth of 100 m and had a rotatable bezel that let the divers keep track of their immersion time. After a few more successful models, a decade later, the first chronograph watches were launched by Rolex. The Cosmograph Daytona was a hit that gained iconic status.

The late 60s saw the launch of the Sea Dweller that showed accurate time even at a depth of 610 m. It also featured a helium escape valve that was a boon to professional deep-sea divers. The early70s was the period when Rolex came out with The Explorer II that had a 24-hour hand as its specialty, which allowed one to read time in the dark. The late 70s saw Rolex overwhelming its customers with the Rolex Crown Collection. The customized watches had a unique reference number, each denoting the number of precious stones that were inlaid. These were akin to Rolls Royces as they were made to order, giving the customer a choice of selecting the dial, bezel and bracelet. Today, although the founder is long gone, the legacy continues.

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A Bulgari scb 38s Automatic Chronograph 200m


A change from the normal for me i purchased this on whim recently the Bulgari Scuba Automatic 38mm Chronograph 200m on a rubber strap dates to around 2000, a nice weighty watch and a nice thickness too comes with the usual sapphire glass a fantastic lume on the hands and dial water resistant but with a depth rating of 200 meters, i do like the way Bulgari designed the rubber deployment strap with hinged sides so fits nicer around the wrist.  The bezel is not the best in my opinion it does the job but feels cheap when rotating now the movement is a eta Swiss not a in house movenent as i am sure they will use in this day and age like all the other top Swiss brands.  A good few years back most Swiss brands used Eta and Zenith Chronograph movements but as was not beneficial they started produced there own in house.  Overall not a bad little piece but i do not think its a keeper for me.

bulgari sc38sP1020162-600x450 P1020163-600x450 P1020165-600x450 P1020166-600x450 P1020169-600x450

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The Rolex of Rolex’s Daytona 116523


For a long time the #Rolex Daytona has been one of the most desirable of the sports range i always aspired to own.  This particular one the 18k gold and stainless black dial gold sub dials probably not as appreciated as the stainless version especially as when 15 years ago the waiting list was 10 years to get  a stainless model which made me and others want one even more !  Years later i did mange to get a bi metal #zenith version used not new that i previously blogged about but in my mind still always wish to own a stainless version.  The 116523 was recent acquisition i purchased around 6 months ago and is the updated model with a couple of slight tweeks for the better, firstly  a new style clasp far better than old then solid gold middle links which reduces stretch on the bracelet over time and also Rolex rehaut security feature with serial number laser etched round inside of the bezel ring and lastly gold and black hands so the time is easy to read.  I basically only wore on special occasions and decide to part ways for a the same exact model but stainless as found its less flash but has the same outstanding appeal of the Daytona.  Which my next blog will about my new Rolex Daytona 116520 white dial.

Rolex Daytona 116523P1020004 P1020008 P1020011 P1020013 P1020014 P1020019


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Esa & Omega A watch for the Astronauts


This is a good article as Esa and #Omega joined forces to create a new #Moonwatch the Omega Speedmaster Skywalker X-33 never knew a new version was in such popular demand,  As for many years the first watch worn on the moon was the Omega #speedmaster manual wind in 1969 was the official one on the historic landing all thou all the astronauts had #Rolex Gmtmaster 2 as well which did spark another debate.  Any how a nice new piece for future astronauts.

New Omega Astronauts watch

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