The Rolex of Rolex’s Daytona 116523

For a long time the #Rolex Daytona has been one of the most desirable of the sports range i always aspired to own.  This particular one the 18k gold and stainless black dial gold sub dials probably not as appreciated as the stainless version especially as when 15 years ago the waiting list was 10 years to get  a stainless model which made me and others want one even more !  Years later i did mange to get a bi metal #zenith version used not new that i previously blogged about but in my mind still always wish to own a stainless version.  The 116523 was recent acquisition i purchased around 6 months ago and is the updated model with a couple of slight tweeks for the better, firstly  a new style clasp far better than old then solid gold middle links which reduces stretch on the bracelet over time and also Rolex rehaut security feature with serial number laser etched round inside of the bezel ring and lastly gold and black hands so the time is easy to read.  I basically only wore on special occasions and decide to part ways for a the same exact model but stainless as found its less flash but has the same outstanding appeal of the Daytona.  Which my next blog will about my new Rolex Daytona 116520 white dial.

Rolex Daytona 116523P1020004 P1020008 P1020011 P1020013 P1020014 P1020019


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