Omega Seamaster Pro Chrono Ref:

This is another great watch by Omega the Seamaster Professional Chronograph black dial version has always been one of my favorite pieces casing size is 41.5mm which is just thicker in depth from the original bond non chrono watch but with a in house chronograph 1164 automatic movement.  This has 2 version blue dial blue bezel like the bond watch which has been around years and the black dial black bezel which i think started around 2006 which i prefer. This particular model has not long been phased out by Omega for a newer ceramic bezel 44mm version with a new co axial movement and date function.  But I prefer the older version as size and originality and simplicity overall cracking everyday watch which can be bought at reasonable price used.


omega Omega seamaster pro P1030152 P1030153 P1030154


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