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Hands on Rolex Submariner “Kermit” vs Rolex “Hulk”


Hands on with aka the “kermit” Rolex Submariner 16610Lv vs the newer aka “Hulk” Rolex Submariner 116610Lv Ceramic both these watches are great watches loved my many.  The kermit was launched in 2003 and finished production in 2010 when Rolex launched the Submariner Hulk version. I remember in 2003/4 the kermit was not blowing people away looked a little odd with green bezel compared to the standard version that been same for 50 years, but in recent times become highly collectible. But personally  I love nice olive green bezel compared to the ceramic bezel.

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Both watches have bigger hour plots and hands as the standard Sub never did but they rolled it out to all Submariners and various other models after 2010.
Rolex 16610Lv Rolex 116610LV Kermit & Hulk

Side by side both 40mm case size but the Hulk has bigger shoulders so makes the watch look and feel a bit bigger on the wrist than the Kermit.

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Both watches are same in thickness on the profile picture, Rolex lovers like both models I personally prefer the older model as very old school.

but the dial and bezel is one of the big changes Hulk has ceramic bezel with green dial which changes in different shades of light. The Kermit has black gloss dial with steel bezel.

Rolex glidelock
The bracelet was totally revamped the Rolex oyster bracelet on the left and the Rolex Oysterlock on the right, the right one has solid links not hollow which reduces the dreaded bracelet stretch that older models used to get with prolonged wrist action.  The other advantages a lot easier to adjust the strap to go over the divers suit, also you can adjust in small increments with ease due to your wrist swelling on morning or is very loose on waking.

Rolex Submariner Lv
Finally the wrist shots overall both great watches to wear, the Kermit classic highly collectible now in today’s watch world, the Hulk is a perfect engineered and very robust modern classic than the Kermit that folk love or hate. The Hulk the last year or so become very difficult to buy in Rolex Authorized dealers worldwide as most sports are now, its like the world has gone Rolex mad even thou prices increases are still coming thick and fast!

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Rolex Military Submariner

The Thirteen Mil Submariners of Grahame Fowler


As the title says Thirteen Rolex Military Submariners of Grahame Fowler fantastic historic watches by Rolex that every collector would love to own one including myself.

Prices become silly on these in recent times topping £100.000 most collectors bought them when folk did not know what the watch was worth and most likely inherited. I know a chap who bought a few in the 1990,s for around £10.000 each and he has a nice collection too.

The watch was made for the ministry of defence and Rolex back in the 1950,s was the leading Brand on dive watches so no brainer to supply the divers in WW2 with A military Submariner. They wanted the watch to be different to the commercial Submariner hence the Mil Sub, at that time they wanted fixed spring bars and nato strap not steel oyster bracelet. This model was made in small numbers and is a piece that will stamped in the history of the finest Military collectible watch ever made. Enjoy the video!


Rolex Submariner 16610 LV

The Rolex Submariner Green 16610LV


The Rolex Submariner LV 16610LV

As the title says one of my all time favorites in modern times The Rolex Submariner 16610LV, first launch in 2003 to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Submariner.  The Submariner success spans over 50 years of a true tool divers watch and I feel this was a game changer for future Rolex sport models.  This piece was not loved at first but started to be appreciated over time, the dial had big hour plots also bigger hour hand compared to the standard Submariner and a gorgeous green bezel which made the watch in my opinion.  So the standard Sub model number is 16610 then they added LV on the end of the model number which stands  Lunette Verte. 

The Submariner is water resistant to 300m and has the Patented triple lock crown which gave Rolex they diver status back in the 1950,s, I have owned a few of this particular model in the past and this production was made in limited numbers compared to other models.  The run dates from 2003 to 2010 a seven year run in total.  Now in 2016 they have become very sort after for collectors and everyone it has become the one to have prices average £5000 plus to buy one considering new RRP was £2650 ouch!

Rolex sports watches from around 2006 had a new feature which came from the Submariner LV  big hour plots big hands become the norm as Rolex must have decided it was the right combination.  I still love them and in the years since launch I probably only seen possibly two when clock watching people’s wrists as I always do.  Overall a must have in any collection and I personally feel will be a future modern collectors piece so get when one if you can.


IMG_5690 IMG_5692

Breitling Super Avenger Ref: M13370


Breitling Super Avenger Black Steel Ref: M13370

This was a piece I had for short while The Breitling Super Avenger M13370 Black steel Titanium very big watch but also very light in weight.  The Super Avenger is a large watch measuring 48.4mm with the crown and comes in plenty of various versions stainless steel is probably the most popular version in my opinion.  The movement is a Breitling 13 based on a eta valjoux 7750 with a power reserve of 48 hours with chronograph and date function, watch is water resistant to 300M with unidirectional bezel.  This model is made of titanium and comes on a Breitling rubber strap and is not  that noticeable on weight on the wrist as much as the stainless steel versions on a steel bracelet.

I do love the black steel watches but they do not fare well with minor scuffs and scraps which are not easily polished out, overall a nice watch in black steel it that is the look you require for the money.

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P1040475 P1040476 P1040477 P1040478 P1040482P1040471P1040472P1040483

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A Day With Rolex Daytona 116528 Solid Gold 18K


A day wearing a Rolex Daytona 116528 Solid 18ct Gold with a white dial gold sub dials, I recently had the opportunity to purchase this Daytona which needs no introduction and is truly a iconic piece the Daytona. I have owned a few of the more modern Daytona’s over the years. This model is solid gold 18ct and weights a ton on your wrist as gold is a lot denser than stainless steel which I found really noticeable wearing as a every day basis. The gold Daytona is a very ostentatious piece that does stand out in the crowd but as gold is very soft compared to steel it marks and scuffs very easy so would suit better for special occasions in my opinion. If your looking for bling factor and every day wearer two tone gold and steel Daytona is better option and over half the price and a but more robust, but if money is no issue the gold version is a very nice piece.  I personally prefer the stainless steel models as they are flash but suttle on the wrist most people have seen or heard of the Daytona without it standing out.  May be in the future Rolex will had the date feature to the Daytona which I feel it misses.

P1030202 P1030204 P1030207 P1030209 P1030210 P1030211P1030208 Rolex Daytona 116528


Omega Seamaster Pro Chrono Ref:


This is another great watch by Omega the Seamaster Professional Chronograph black dial version has always been one of my favorite pieces casing size is 41.5mm which is just thicker in depth from the original bond non chrono watch but with a in house chronograph 1164 automatic movement.  This has 2 version blue dial blue bezel like the bond watch which has been around years and the black dial black bezel which i think started around 2006 which i prefer. This particular model has not long been phased out by Omega for a newer ceramic bezel 44mm version with a new co axial movement and date function.  But I prefer the older version as size and originality and simplicity overall cracking everyday watch which can be bought at reasonable price used.


omega Omega seamaster pro P1030152 P1030153 P1030154


Monte Blanc’s New E Strap


Here is new twist alternative to the Apple iwatch, Monte Blanc introduced a revolutionary strap to attach to your luxury watch, as most people with a luxury Swiss watch wont want to remove the watch off the wrist and replace with a iwatch. This seems to be there solution place the strap on the head of your Rolex and you get most functions via bluetooth to the strap seems a good idea checkout the full article below:

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