A Men’s Rolex Yatchmaster ref: 16622

Here is another one from Rolex sports Range a Rolex Yatchmaster 16622 comes in 40mm casing but they manufacturer  a mid size unisex also a small ladies version too.  The Yatchmaster has a uni-direction bezel with a insert made of platinum gold, it is slightly thinner than other sports range Rolex’s and the dial is stunning with a stardust effect and maxi plots and bigger size hands.  The Yatchmaster was the first watch to get the “maxi dial” which then Rolex rolled to all the range.  It has depth rating of 100 metres not 300 metres like Submariner thou.  The bracelet is pretty much the same as a gmt master II / explorer II but has polished middle links for prestige classy look.  Rolex Yatchmaster was first produced in 1992 and had some upgrades around 2010 to the current version Ref 116622 to summarize a very nice classy looking watch for all occasions.

Rolex 166222015-02-08-12.47.22-672x4722015-02-08-12.47.14-672x472

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