The Rolex Submariner Bi-Metal 16613 Blue Dial Stunning piece.

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This is one i should have kept but sadly parted with the Rolex Submariner 16613, one of the nicest Bi-metal Rolex’s in my opinion, everyone knows and loves the iconic Sub 16613 with the stunning blue dial and bezel. ¬†Bi Metal submariners started early 90,s which as Submariners been going for such a long time and became the best selling Rolex’s, so around 1970,s added the date version with a non quickset date function to the Sub, hence later on they started different variations dials, bezels, solid 18k gold etc ….. All later versions got sapphire crystal glass with a quickset date change function. The Submariner range is not the most desirable Rolex in the world as some others but there best seller to date. A truly iconic timepiece the bi metal Sub and much preferred to its new ceramic version.

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