The Rolex Submariner Bi-Metal 16613 Blue Dial Stunning piece.


This is one i should have kept but sadly parted with the Rolex Submariner 16613, one of the nicest Bi-metal Rolex’s in my opinion, everyone knows and loves the iconic Sub 16613 with the stunning blue dial and bezel.  Bi Metal submariners started early 90,s which as Submariners been going for such a long time and became the best selling Rolex’s, so around 1970,s added the date version with a non quickset date function to the Sub, hence later on they started different variations dials, bezels, solid 18k gold etc ….. All later versions got sapphire crystal glass with a quickset date change function. The Submariner range is not the most desirable Rolex in the world as some others but there best seller to date. A truly iconic timepiece the bi metal Sub and much preferred to its new ceramic version.

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The mighty Breitling SuperAvenger A13370


This is a fellow collectors piece Breitling Super Avenger A13370 stainless steel, a huge large watch very nice if you like big thick and shinny with chronograph function. Breitling general manufacture a wide range of large time pieces.  They do make a smaller version this which is called the avenger but Super Avenger is 48.4mm and 18.6mm thick with movement cal Breitling 13 plus 42 hour reserve.  Overall a good work horse watch nice weight with style and wears well, but i actually prefer the Avenger.

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More Vintage. Rolex Datejust 6824 Midsize


The Rolex Datejust ref 6824 stainless steel mid size vintage timepiece, dates to 1974 which is non-quickset date change version, size of this model is 31mm wide without the crown with a plexi glass and comes on a jubilee bracelet. Rolex datejust mid has a movement cal 2030 with a stunning original purple dial with the “T Swiss” at the bottom which us correct for that year. As all Rolex’s from 1999 onward  came with “Swiss Made” at the bottom of the dial.  Overall a nice all original unpolished vintage Datejust.

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A Bit of Vintage The Rolex Airking 5500


I thought i would blog a couple of vintage Rolex’s i have, The Rolex Airking 5500 this dates to 1986 and is in true vintage unpolished form.  The Airking is 34mm with the crown which has a plexi glass not a sapphire crystal like most new Rolex’s have.  This particular model is very similar to the Rolex Explorer 1 they used the same casing and both had no date function. The movement was the Rolex 1520 precision, the Airking was considered to be a classic and very coveted model.

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Here is Breitling Navitimer 24 Chronomatic 24 hour.


Here is a very nice timepiece Breitling Navitimer Chronomatic 24 hour limited edition to 1000 pieces. This is a re-issue of the original chronomatic 24 hour in 1970,s, comes with a chronograph movement with a date window at the bottom size a 44MM case also comes on the navitimer world bracelet. The major feature of the watch is you can tell the time in 24 hours which it seems strange when you actually look at watch in 24 hour, as in the wrist shot says nearly 10 past 7 in the evening. but overall nice size and weight.

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A James bond watch Aka Omega Seamaster Pro 22218000 Quartz


This is a friends beloved time piece, Omega Seamaster Professional 22213800 which has a quartz movement, this is the same as James Bond used in one of the earlier films a great value for money divers watch, which is also water resistant to 300 metres with a helium valve on the side to realize pressure when diving.  The Seamaster has a date function at 3 o clock with a stunning blue wavey dial with luminovo plots.

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