The Current Watch Market is it going to bust?

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The Current watch market last year or so as rocketed to unbelievable highs from current Rrp of few watch brands, especially the most popular brands Rolex, Patek Philippe, Richard Mille, Audemars Piguet, at the start of pandemic the prices dropped a little and I felt they was going to tumble more 2 months after they started climbing to my surprise and not stopped! Is this bubble going to bust after all the money stops flowing in? Rolex Ceramic Daytona Steel Rrp £10500 prices are around £28000 unworn on Ebay and grey dealers.

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Time will tell demand has been driven by no stock in Rolex AD’s as production stopped last year plus all sports models are waiting list with no buying history you do not go on the list at all proper sucks. People have more money to spend since last February 2020 as well with no holidays, bounce back loans, furloughed scheme etc.  Interest rates been so low you earn nothing in the bank so Rolex is a good investment if you love watches and put away for future so these factors keep pushing demand and prices. I am not sure its a good investment at these all time highs most definatley an investment piece at Rrp if you can get one.

There is some brands not much as changed in prices only small gains Breitling, Tag Heuer its all down to desirability everyone loves Rolex it seems but future would be nice to walk in a Rolex AD and be able to buy a sports model, at the moment you walk out with head hurting as s you cannot buy any sports model or even look at one. Breitling is a great brand for the money also fantastic value for money same as Omega.

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