The Sale Of The Paul Newman Daytona 6239 At Phillips Auction

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On Friday Phillips Auctioneers auctioned off for sale, The most iconic watch in the world Paul Newman Daytona’s, this watch was given to his daughters ex partner in the 1980’s which he wore for years.  The watch was given to Paul by his wife and at the time she requested that particular dial which is referred to as the “exotic dial” what a stunning looking piece with great provenance.  But vintage watch lovers owes a lot to Paul Newman especially the Daytona watch!

The watch started off at $1,000,000 and the second bid was $10,000,000 and kept climbing to staggering $15,500,000 with auction fees $17,750,000 making this the most expensive watch ever sold which was no surprise at all.  You can see the high lights in the video below:

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