Vintage Omega Deville 166 053 Day Date

Hands on with the Vintage Omega Deville 166 053 Day Date automatic, this piece dates to around 1970,s it looks very similar to a Seamaster. The movement is Omega 24 jewel Cal 752 with fast date advancement via the second date setting on the crown.  Case size is 36mm Omega sold plenty of these pieces back in 70,s and is a good testament to Omega as plenty still around in very good condition as this one is!

The glass is plexi as most of vintage watches from that era, sapphire crystal started around early 80’s as was so much tougher and durable than plexi glass.  I do love the old Omega bracelets they was a work of art, some of the prestige models bracelets from 70’s are fetching silly money.

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The Seamaster was the real deal back then a true divers watch to compete with Rolex especially the Seamaster 300, so Deville’s was not as popular and in today’s market the Deville has changed to more dress design.  But overall a great vintage piece and not too expensive today if your looking for a cheap piece with vintage Seamaster look, the Deville is the one to buy with plenty still kicking around.
166 053

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