A Day Wearing The Rolex Sea Dweller 4000 Ref: 116600

I recently bought the Rolex Sea dweller 4000 Ref: 116600 and wore the watch for a day or so to see how it fares to the older version which I wear on daily basis, one of the feature they have changed is matt black dial rather than the usual glossy dials  The size of the casing is same as the Rolex Submariner Ceramic 40mm and also the Bezel but with no infamous Rolex cyclops on the sapphire crystal, as when divers dive to depths of the Dweller it will come off the glass hence why all the deep sea diving watches by Rolex leave it plain sapphire crystal.  My initial thoughts was really like the new Dweller but later on in day I paired it with the Submariner Ceramic and thought it just looks so similar size wise, bezel, bracelet, clasp etc…. being a Submariner lover through and through can not justify the difference in price.  Overall a very nice piece but used one £1300 to £1500 more in price than a Submariner and rrp £1450 more only thing I would say if you need a watch to go to 4000ft defo buy this or the deep sea dweller but i feel Rolex wanted to update the old Sea Dweller then slot this is the middle price range between the Submariner C and the Deep Sea Dweller which they have so I resorted back to the classic version.

P1040078P1040067 P1040080 Rolex 116600 P1040116 P1040087 P1040084 P1040082



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