Welcome to The Watch-Collector Leeds Blog!

Welcome to The Watch-Collector Leeds a site dedicated to collecting prestige luxury swiss watches past and present some old and new.

I started collecting watches a good few years back as it is nice to own a precious time piece, over the years I have gained a good knowledge of different brands, movements, metals etc, so years later I am more addicted now than I ever was with watches.

So I will blog pieces week by week so others can enjoy seeing some of the world’s finest Swiss watches.

First up i purchased recently a Panerai 112 from historic range manual wound with Panerai movement.  This watch see through glass on the case back so you can see the stunning Panarai movement. The casing is 44mm in diameter with the infamous Panerai crown guard that protects the crown which is trade mark on most Panerai watches.

The Pan is water resistant to 300 metres also has interchangeable straps for different occasions also give a different look to the Pan.

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