Happy New Year 2018 Some Watches Created a Buzz 2017

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Some of the 2017 Watches That Created a Buzz, 2017 had some great new arrivals at Basel that collectors went out to get collecting watches is becoming a more popular hobby in recent times. The first one I feel created a storm was The Rolex Sea Dweller Red Writing unfortunately still waiting for mine and hoping to see mine early in 2018. So here is a video from Hodinkee.

1. Rolex Sea Dweller 126600

2. Rolex Sky Dweller 326934 Stainless Steel stunning Blue Dial comes in six variants, three in 18k Gold & Steel plus three in stainless still with 18k white gold bezel. These are becoming very hard to get at Rrp waiting lists running in to years already, you can see why the blue steel one is gorgeous another one still waiting to get a phone call from Rolex AD!

rolex sky dweller
Picture Hodinkee

3. Omega 1957 Trilogy Editions a blast from the past three re-editions of vintage classics to suit all tastes. Omega never been short of producing Limited Editions pieces over the years. They consist of Speedmaster, Seamaster, Railmaster made in numbers of 557 for the set of 3 at Rrp around £16000.00 and 3557 produced in individual pieces totally over 10,000 which i felt is too many. Great editions for Omega Lovers.

Omega buyer in Yorkshire
Picture from Omega

4. Tag Heuer Autavia Re-edition came from the classic vintage version which was a greatly loved piece, I do love the vintage Autavia really have some great pieces.

Selling your Vintage Heuer
Picture Monochrome

5. Tudor Black Bay Heritage S&G was new edition to Heritage range, 18K Rolled gold and steel a lot of watch for Rrp of £3580 which are not easy to find in Tudor dealers was very lucky to get one.

Tudor Buyer
All in all some great watches in 2017 lets see what Basel 2018 brings!! Happy New Year 2018

Watch Spotting: Richard Hammond Sea Dweller

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Watch Spotting: Richard Hammond receives his treasured Rolex Sea Dweller back after the fire ball crash in the Rimac concept one on series two of The Grand Tour.  The second series kicked off a few weeks ago with the 3 stooges Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May with some watch spotting which part of the show all 3 handed each other a holiday gift, Jeremy hands Richard is Sea Dweller in glass case saying made in Switzerland pictured below that had survived the crash.

watch spotting

Rolex Buyer
Images Amazon

The car Richard was driving in the up hill climb in Switzerland was a Rimac Concept One 220mph full electric powered made in Croatia. The back end of the course Richard lost control and flipped the electric super car which in turn burst in to flames. The watch as you can see survived as Richard did, which I am sure Richard will always rememeber the crash when looking at the time on his Rolex Sea Dweller 16600. I think the Rolex may need to go off the Rolex for a full service and health check all thou it was noted was working when handed to Richard shows how strong and robust the sea dweller is that model was discontinued around 2008 /9 a great watch to have in any collection. The Sea Dweller was never loved by Rolex fans as much as the Submariner but in recent years folk are starting to really to take to them.

The video of the crash below:

Richard Mille RM-27-03

Richard Mille Unveils 4th “Rafael Nadal” Tourbillon

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Richard Mille just Unveiled the 4th Edition ultra light “Rafael Nadal” Tourbillon, wow the most radical Richard Mille RM-27-03 I have seen. Richard Mille are fairly new to the watch game and are very expensive watches not for the faint hearted. This one is in red yellow and shock resistant with a staggering price tag of $731,000, this is a limited edition of a run of 50 pieces in total. The watch has a 70 hour power reserve and is powered by Renaud & Papi Tourbillon movement which apparently are specialists owned by Audemars Piguet.
Richard Mille RM-27-03
The watch is very hard to miss on the wrist definitely a difference to the norm. The watch case is made of quartz composite, size of the watch is 40.3mm wide and 47.77mm long so not a small watch and slightly bigger than the previous version RM 27-02 Nadal tourbillon. The crown has been designed like a tennis ball for the super star of tennis.  Rafael is left handed so always wears his time pieces on his right hand so the crown would be easy work with its design.

Richard-Mille-RM-27-03-Tourbillon Richard-Mille-RM-27-03-Tourbillon-Rafael-Nadal

I really like the watch and would love to own one one day but at that price not in this life time!!  Pictures courtesy of SJX

Breitling A17380

Breitling Colt A17380 Automatic

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Here is a Breitling Colt Automatic Ref A17380, the case is 41mm in stainless steel and is water resistant to 500m with stunning slate grey dial with baton style markers one of the best colours in my opinion, rotating bezel with minute markers for diving. The Breitling as most have sapphire crystal glass with anti glare coating both sides for no sun reflection when in your jet fighter!!

I have owned one of these a fair few years back good size and good weight on a Breitling Pro II bracelet.  The colt has grown over the years in size which has probably had at least four overhauls in the past to present and got better and better.  This particular model Colt are a entry level Breitling for an Automatic movement, as quartz always cheaper to buy new and used but secondhand prices are good value for money I feel.

P1040646 P1040647 P1040654 P1040657P1040682 P1040683P1040642 P1040658

Cartier Roadster Chronograph Ref: W62019X6

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Cartier Roadster Chronograph Ref: W62019X6

The Cartier roadster chronograph a big prestige lump of stainless steel, Cartier have been around a lot of years and make great prestigious timepieces, always admired the aesthetics of there watches. The roadster has a stunning white dial and comes in many variants this particular one has a  chronograph movement and stop watch function with the Cartier Cyclops at 3 clock and which is uniformed in the glass not like Rolex were the plastic cyclops is stuck on! This is a very dressy watch elegant in every way with an simple interchangeable strap system to change from stainless steel bracelet to a rubber or leather on a deployment clasp to change the look for your mood. The roadster I found has very heavy on the wrist may just my small wrist but to summarize a great watch with elegance for the money with simple easy strap changing.

Cartier Roadster Chrono Sell my Cartier P1040309 P1040311P1040312P1040313

Talking Watches with John Goldberger

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Talking Watches With John Goldberger

As the title says Talking watches with John Goldberger by Hodinkee they have plenty of watch collectors that like to talk about watches which something I can do for England love all watches and there is plenty to choose from all of the top brands.  Some watches to die for in the video.

Rolex Valuations


Omega Seamaster Pro

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Omega Seamaster Professional Bond Watch

Here is a nice piece Omega Seamaster Professional 300m Quartz black bezel wavey dial.  This is same as the James bond watch which i previously blogged a good while back but black dial version.  I like the black dial version better than the original blue version it looks cleaner and classier and modern, this is water resistant to 300m with a 41mm size case and sapphire crystal glass. All Omega divers watches have the iconic helium escape valve to realise pressure when deep sea diving.  Overhaul a great watch for the money and everyone should have a Omega bond watch in there collection or as a everyday wearer.

Cash for Omega P1000622 P1000623P1000616P1000618P1000620P1000621P1000630


Rolex Valutions

The Rolex GmtMaster 2 116710LN Stainless Steel

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Here is my latest acquisition A Rolex GmtMaster II Ref: 116710LN this particular model I feel is one of Rolex’s nicest looking stainless steel watches in my opinion it is just stunning the black and white ceramic bezel mix with the polished centre links.  The black dial with big hands and plots with a green Gmt hand go well together. I have had a fair few stainless steel models and the Ceramic Submariner is definitely top on the sellers as all round tool dive watch, but the Gmt is a little classier as all round daily wearer casual and dress. This is a keeper in my eyes not taken the watch off since purchase do not think I will part with this one also as second hand purchase will not be beaten for value.

Rolex ValutionsRolex Gmtmaster 2P1040390 P1040393 P1040397 P1040398

Watches and clocks in the Victorian era

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Watches and clocks were an intrinsic part of Victorian culture and society. According to historians, Victorians had a “mania” for punctuality, so watches and clocks were taken on every journey and embedded into every aspect of day to day life. This article looks at some of the most famous watches and clocks that have emerged from the Victorian era and how they are still celebrated in our society today.


The Victorian travel companion – the carriage clock


Carriage clocks were originally intended for travelling in late Victorian times, where businessmen would carry a clock with them on every journey to make sure that they were always on time. Carriage clocks were usually rectangular and framed with guilt brass with a carrying handle. Some clocks also had decorative mouldings and engravings. The first carriage clock was made in 1812 by Abraham-Louis Breguet for Napoleon, and these elegant clocks went on to become a popular and sought-after possession in Victorian society. Some of the most famous carriage clocks were made by Paris clock makers Henri Jacot and Alfred Drocourt. Carriage clocks have retained their popularity today and are still a cherished antique for lovers of the Victorian period.


Victorian clocks – the perfect accessory for a restored Victorian home


Many Victorian properties are now being restored to reveal their original period features and Victorian clocks are a perfect accessory to bring a Victorian home to life. Brass clocks are a true celebration of Victorian opulence and are perfect for a Victorian style dining room.


Another popular option for a restored Victorian home is the early Victorian antique longcase clock. Longcase clocks are designed to be freestanding and enclosed in a wooden or carved case. These clocks are famously known as grandfather clocks after the popular Victorian song. The grandfather clock is a celebration of two significant horological breakthroughs from the 1600’s, namely the pendulum which ensured frictionless time-keeping and the anchor mechanism which reduced the swing and greatly improved accuracy. The grandfather clock has remained popular for centuries and continues to be so today.


Victorians and their watches


By the middle of the Victorian period, the design of watches was rapidly changing. Watch makers from the mid 1900’s started to produce delicate and elaborate bracelet watches which often had jewels embedded and were made to be cherished and admired. These bracelet watches were popular with Victorian ladies while Victorian men favoured pocket watches. These stylish and classic timepieces were usually tucked into a pocket of a waistcoat with a long “Albert chain” (so called as it was introduced by Prince Albert). Pocket watches were a mark of a true gentleman and a clear status symbol in Victorian times. There are different styles of Victorian pocket watches, including open-face watches, hunter-case watches which have a cover that can be released to show the watch’s crystal face and a demi-hunter watch.


Pocket watches are emerging back into today’s fashion along with other Victorian style accessories including lace handkerchiefs and pocket books, both of which were popular during the Victorian period and fit perfectly alongside the Victorian pocket-watch.


The Victorian years were an unforgettable period and the watches and clocks of the Victorian era are stunning, timeless representations of how clock and watch making has developed throughout history. Victorian watches and clocks were made to be cherished and admired, rather than being simply a day-to-day necessity, and they still have as much capacity for appreciation today as they did in Victorian times.