Talking Watches With Jack Nicklaus

Talking Watches with Jack Nicklaus a short video by my favorite watch site Hodinkee, always got time to watch there videos always some great pieces to see with great stories […]

Radium Testing on Vintage Watches

Radium Testing on Vintage Watches, a neat video catch up on Hodinkee where they do some radium testing on some timepieces.  Radium was used early on in wrist watch making […]

Talking Watches With J.J Redick

Talking Watches With J.J.Redick is another great video by Benjamin Clymer executive editor of Hodinkee. Benjamin interviews some of the astute watch collectors in the world.  All the videos with […]

Talking Watches with Pras Michel

Talking Watches with Pras Michel a video by Hodinkee as always they have some of the best collectors in the world with all there cherished timepieces.  Some of the worlds […]

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