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George Daniels Space Travellers Watch At Auction


George Daniels Space Travellers Watch At Auction Sotherby’s in London recently, The watch is masterpiece by the English watchmaker and is widely regarded as one if his best creations.  The watch sold for £3.200,000 million with auction fees included.  Sotherby’s estimate was £1.2 mil to £1.8 mil so did well over the estimate.  The piece is the most expensive ever English watch that has been to auction shows British is as good as the Swiss in watch making!!

The pocket watch is 18K Yellow gold chronograph with Daniels Independent Double-Wheel Escapement, Mean-Solar and Sidereal Time with Age & Phase of the Moon and Equation of Time Indication, that is mouthful, Rare pieces like this seem to be smashing auction house prices.

The auction had two bidders fighting for the piece a Asian collector and English, in the end the English collector wont the watch so wont be leaving the UK. This is a video about the timepiece.

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Robert Downey JR wearing URWERK UR-110


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The URWERK UR-110 latest design and enovation from Urwerk in Rose Gold.  The star Robert Downey JR has been seen on the red carpet wearing the watch Robert is a renowned watch collector and loves his timepieces. The URWERK watch brand is very different to the normal run of the mill Rolex, Cartier, Patek Philippe etc… I doubt they will be cheaply priced.  The watch was also seen in the Spiderman film “Homecoming” I suppose Tony Starks Aka Ironman is cool enough for the URWERK watch!!

The Spiderman trailer below wearing the URWERK:

In iron man he wore a  Bulgari Diagono Retrograde Moonphase Rose Gold Watch which was rather nice for Bulgari not been a brand I love to be honest I had one a while back Bulgari scb 38S chronograph which did sell in the end. The URWERK watch is definitely a watch for a chap who likes to stand out from the crowd style, unique, ingenious design I suppose only other thing you should know, is how to tell the time on the watch?
The main selling feature is orbiting satellite complications URWERK,s radical way the tell the time. The Website tells you more in depth on how the watch works? doubt I will ever own one I like simplicity and vintage and price tag of 100k plus ouch that is me out!  Great watch you wont see everyday and stand out in the crowd.

vintage Cartier

Cartier Tank Sells For $379,500 at Auction

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Pictures Courtesy of Hodinkee

Cartier Tank Sells For $379,500 at Auction “Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis” staggering amount of money for a Cartier Tank.  The watch was estimated at $60,000 to $120,000 and tripled the higher estimate when the hammer went down. Collectors are snapping up pieces like this with history to well established figures, this Tank was giving to Jacqueline ex wife to J F Kennedy by her brother in-law Prince Stanislaw Radziwill who was married to Jacqueline’s sister.  The Tank was given to commemorate the family finishing a 50 mile walk in palm beach although Jacqueline and J.F. Kennedy did not finish the full distance but did participate.

Tank Solo
Pictures courtesy of Hodinkee

The 50-mile walk message was promoted by J.F. Kennedy in his presidency before his assassinated, the watch inscription on the caseback is “Stas to Jackie 23 Feb. 63  2:05 AM to 9:35 PM,”  The Cartier itself was 20mm by 28mm long and is full of character case made of solid 14k gold with cabochon sapphire crown and manual wind movement. The dial is silver with roman numerals with blue hands, this classic design is still manufactured today but in 18k gold and still has all the charm of the vintage Cartier Tanks.

vintage Cartier
Pictures courtesy of Hodinkee

A timeless classic by Cartier be great to see what other watches at auction are fetching with such a great province and history attached to famous person.

Rolex 6263

Record Breaking Rolex’s at Phillips Auction Geneva !!


Record Breaking Rolex’s at Phillips Auction Geneva yesterday and today with Aka “The Legend” Rolex Daytona 6263 with a lemon grené dial solid 18k gold stunning watch in every way only one of three known ever made. The watch sold at auction for a staggering $3,717,906, making it the second most expensive Rolex sold at auction today lot 237/237 just goes to show no stopping the Paul Newman phenomena. The vintage watch market booming more than ever.  Picture courtesy of Hodinkee!

Rolex 6263

The Daytona set the record for the most expensive Daytona ever sold hence the nick name “The Legend” they did save the best for last apparantly. The most expensive Rolex ever sold was the day before 13 May.  The Rolex ref 6062 “Bao Dai” just sold for $5,060,427 really gets a lump in throat when the hammer drops at them prices.

This model is only one if its kind with black diamond dial and belonged to the last emperor of Vietnam both watches are truly a credit to Rolex watch making in the 70,s as beautiful vintage pieces you can only dream of owing. Overall The Daytona would be the watch I would pick loved them from the first time I ever saw a bi metal Daytona in the 1990’s. Rolex always been one of my favorite brands as the years gone by I grew a love for vintage timepieces might be my age as getting older!!

Rolex 6062Rolex 6062 Bao Dai25

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Talking Watches with Pras Michel


Talking Watches with Pras Michel a video by Hodinkee as always they have some of the best collectors in the world with all there cherished timepieces.  Some of the worlds finest Patek Philippe & Audemars Piguet content love them all just not the price! Great video one of the best I watched.

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Inside the Archives of Cartier


As the the title says a great video by Hodinkee inside the archives of Cartier. They seem to do really well getting through the doors of some of the biggest Swiss watchmakers and digging out some of their historic mighty fine pieces. Enjoy the small video!

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Three of the best Manually Wound Grail Watches


As the title says three on three of the grail watches by some of the world’s finest watchmakers and a nice video by Hodinkee! Patek Philippe, Vacheron Constantin and A. Lange & Sohne content. Three fantastic manual wind watches most collectors would die for.