Rolex Military-Submariner 5513

selling Rolex 5513

Here is a watch that needs a big introduction Vintage Rolex Military Submariner 5513, this is basically a modified 5513 for the British Ministry of defence, they said to be around 1200 estimated in total made in the 1970’s with less than couple pieces in total original condition still left in circulation.  Many will have had dials re-lumed  and hands changed and other parts changed etc…. which effects the value greatly the dial is the most expensive part of a vintage piece especially with very rare watches.

The most notable difference to normal 5513 is the “sword hands” and the “T” for tritium on the dial in a circle just above the 660ft / 200m. There is another modification the spring bars are fixed so the spring bars would not break or flick off easy when worn.  The Mil-Sub only came on a nato-strap they was never supplied with a oyster bracelet due to the fixed spring bars.

The bezel also had some fine changes as this insert has fully graduated markers, the standard 5513 only graduates from 60 to 15 more for diving. The Mil-subs cashback’s had military engraving showing the date of service, in this case 587/76

Military Submariner
This piece is not mine I only can dream of owning such a iconic Military Submariner, this one is for sale at $180,000 dollars by Menta Watches. This pieces have higher value with Rolex Provence which their is a letter from Mr Hudson well know Rolex Head retired watchmaker.   Truly a iconic piece by Rolex that will only keep going up in value due to rarity.

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