The Breitling Bentley B05 Ref AB0521U4

Hands on With The Breitling Bentley B05 unitime Ref AB0521U4 flagship steel model by Breitling but does come in precious metals and optional leather strap.  This is a beast of a watch 49mm in size that tells the time in loads of cities all at the same time no need to adjust once set.  The Breitling Bentley is a huge watch great wrist presence and suppose you have a Bentley car you need to have the watch to boot.
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The Breitling is stainless steel but mainly all highly polished to mirror finish which picks up marks and scratches very easily as I found out wearing one, I always prefer satin finish on watches a lot more durable long term.   The Bentley is very brash and in your face the outstanding feature over other Bentley models is the instant time in all 24 hour zones in the world great for a frequent traveler or jet setter.

The dial is royal ebony black and movement is Breitlings in-house B05, when changing timezone you turn the crown forward or backward in one-hour increments and it corrects all indications in one smooth action, with the date automatically adjusted to local time.  The twenty four hour city bezel indications takes in to account of summer or Daylight Saving Time (DST).

The dial bearing a Breitling wings logo raised raised motif with a sculpted globe accentuating the travel theme, driven by a highly original oscillating weight shaped like a wheel rim with Bentley Logo and visible through the see through  caseback. The watch is cosc rated as you would expect for a prestige brand water resistant 100 metres with Antiglare glass both sides.  but the price is staggering Rrp £11,320 which is not great selling point nearly £12,000 gets you a lot of Rolex!

Breitling on whole are great watches and very shiny but can be very pricey recently the new CEO has reduced all the Rrp’s across all there range. One thing you can always do is ask for a discount plenty of retailers will discount the watch especially when they get upto 45% off Rrp for the bigger outlets. Most Brands discount except Rolex with steel sports model these days your lucky to actually get one nevermind get some money off!

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