The Worlds Most Valuable Watch Brand?


The worlds most valuable watch brand? every year a marketing research consultant Kantar Millward Brown does a report regarding the rankings of all the world’s leading brands by estimated figure of the brand value. The Brand Z Top 100 Most Valuable Global Brands, which is the report basically ranks the world’s top 100 big hitters for equity. The report bases this on number of key factors, key product segments, luxury.

The brand reportZ issued in June this year, comes no surprise “Rolex” is the top dog with an estimated value of $8 billion dollars, it was based on complex financial factors and consumer surveys. Appartley KMB interview 3 million consumers about 50 worldwide markets regarding 100.000 separate brands. They compile data from some of leading business platforms and share companies etc.

Rolex HQ

Rolex unfortunately did not make KMB top 100 brands worldwide as they was just under the threshold of $11.3 billion and need to be over that figure to be in the top 100, but they did come in the top 10 of the luxury section at number 5. See list below:

Top 10 most vauable Luxury Brands in 2017, Brand Value in $billion dollars

1. Louis Vuitton | $26 billion
2. Hermes           | $23    ”
3. Gucci               | $13     ”
4. Chanel            | $11      ”
5. Rolex            | $8       ”
6. Cartier            | $5.8   ”
7. Burberry        | $4.2    ”
8. Prada              | $3.9    ”
9. Dior                 | $2.3   ”
10. Tiffany & Co | $2.3  ”

Rolex is Switzerland’s best selling brand by income revenue, it was recently the worlds number one selling watch brand by revenue now Apple is number 1.  Apple have a staggering Brand value of $234 billion and is number 2 on the top 100.  Google is the number 1 with $245 billion.  Rolex is a private company so does not disclose a lot of data and sales figures but they believe to have a annual watch sales of $4.5 billion.   The full in depth report you could se here but has gone can Milward Brown Brands.

But Rolex is still a luxury watch brand that we all love and cherish their watches!

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