The Rolex Datejust 16013 Classic Dress Watch

This is another one of Rolex Classic Range, The Rolex Datejust Model 16013 bi metal 18k gold and stainless steel 36mm size case.  A very nice popular choice from the 1980,s not really changed over the years until around 2007, still very popular today especially in the secondhand Rolex market.

This particular model has a pyramid effect on the dial which you do not see on models these days,  overall a great looker all round day or night watch, but not a sports or divers Rolex just simple, clean dress watch!

DSCF0479-672x372 DSCF0481-672x372 DSCF0486-672x372 DSCF04781-672x372Rolex Datejust

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