Hands On With Tag Heuer F1-chrono Caz1010

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Hands On With Tag Heuer F1-chrono Caz1010 I am not the biggest fan of Quartz movements but there great movements in there own right far more accurate than self winding automatics that most Swiss brands tend to go for also factor in they charge the premium for the automatics.  This is probably one of Tag Heuers best selling models for plenty of reasons very affordable for an well established Swiss watch brand, great looking piece and very durable for an every day watch for work and play.
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The F1 is 43mm in case size water resistant to 2oo metres with chronograph function with 3 sub dials and a date window at 4 o clock.  The bezel has a tachymetre which measures the time to distance and is a fixed bezel black titanium carbide coated steel.  The F1 is all brushed stainless steel which is far better than polished steel for everyday use.
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The Tags are great all round watches mass produced and more than likely a first starter watch for people rather than dive in at £5000 premium sports model, as that is the region of a good model Rolex even more!!
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Tags are also the easiest watch to get discount every top watch shop sells them plenty in stock if you do not ask for discount you do not get one!!  The re-sale value is not the best due to the big discounts can be achieved in stores and more on-line.  So may be better buying used so you do not take a big hit from purchase price when you want a upgrade.  Although most of big Tag Heuer retailers happy to trade in and give a good price to previous customers but the part they do not say after partying with £1150 Rrp you need to spend double the amount you paid initially to get good price on the watch your trading in.  The problem is not everyone wants a new watch they may just want a outright sale and the shops are reluctant to purchase outright also they shop might not have the brand you want to upgrade too.  All in all good watch good size and can buy with discount with out a struggle win win.
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