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Hands On With the Omega Seamaster Professional, this in my opinion is one of the best value Omega watches out there for plenty reasons. This Omega is great all rounder for the buck with Ceramic bezel and blue glossy dial with date aperture at 3 o clock and 41mm case which is perfect.  The bracelet is much more robust than older versions and feels very high quality, the Seamaster is a true divers piece with 100 years of heritage just like Rolex has but the main difference is over half the price less to purchase, if you are a good internet shopper and haggler you can get a great discount on thes Omega’s. They do this in black as well which is even nicer but both great watches.

The Seamaster has a co axial movement which time keeping is fer-nominal on these movements.  I have posted about previous versions like the Bond Watch and the co-axial version that came before this one which was a favorite. The Omega is so refined now and for £2920 for such a great every day piece which is so versatile dress, casual, smart, work, cannot see how they could make this one better than it already is.

Omega do 100s of great watches and limited editions pieces like no other company too many limited editions! But this one great overall timepiece that all watch enthusiasts should try one.

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