Hands on Tudor black bay Heritage S&G M79733N-0002

Looking to sell your Vintage Tudor?

Hands on With Tudor black bay Heritage S& G M79733N-0002, this piece was launched at Basel 2017 part of Tudor Divers range. Tudor are sister company to Rolex so its a Rolex but with Tudor Logo Branding etc…  The Vintage Tudors have rocketing in polarity in last 10 years folk must have decided what a great looking watch they are, I especially love the 1970’s Tudor Monte Carlo it might cause the older models are Rolex signed!

Looking to sell your Vintage Tudor?
The Tudor black bay is a great selling diving watch for the price over half off compared to Rolex diver models, this one is new to the range and brought back the 18k gold and stainless steel look for Tudor fans.  The case size is 41mm with a 18k Gold bezel and crown with a Matt dial, gold hands  that houses a Calibre MT5612, water resistant to 200m with a full matt finish on the riveted style bracelet.

The Tudor has a lot of old and new designs that came together and this is the end product which I think works really well. The gold on the bracelet is 18k rolled Gold a process where gold is rolled around steel links so it is not solid gold centre links like Rolex Submariners. I do believe the Bezel is solid gold as well as the crown.

The watch wears really great wrist presence you can feel the Rolex quality. I found it very difficult to bond with, as I have had Bi-metal Rolex Submariners, Gmts, daytonas etc… But great watch for the money if you want a nice big divers gold and steel watch with Rolex Heritage.  A great first watch if looking to buy a piece and Rolex is just out of your reach.

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