Roger Federer Seen With New Sky Dweller

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As the title says a link to a article of Roger Federer wearing the new Basel 2017 Sky dweller 3 days after the launch at Basel in March. This watch in my opinion is going to be the one to have. The new Sky dweller comes in the 3 colours of the dial white, black and beautiful blue which reminds me of the Patek Philippe 5711 with blue dial.

This model comes in stainless steel with a white gold bezel on oyster bracelet, Rolex in-house annual calendar date movement with GMT function which is Rolex’s most complicated movement to press. The annual calendar date means you set the date once a year and if the watch is worn or placed on a watch winder it will keep the correct date and time for a whole year.

There is another type of calendar date on the market that Rolex not mastered yet, it is the perpetual calendar date which will keep the correct date even on a leap year up to about 100 years! Patek Philippe have plenty of these in their wide range of watches.

The Sky dweller was only made in precious metals when originally launched about 4 years ago 18Ct Rose gold, White gold, and Yellow gold up and till late last month which I thought was a great move by Rolex.  I always wanted a sky dweller but ranging from £27,000 to £38,000 was never made financial sense and a lot of money to own one piece. Now the same watch will be in the shops in stainless steel with white gold bezel, annual calendar date GMT function, 42mm size case stunner all for £10,600 wow got say will be the one to have in 2017.

I will be looking forward to hopefully getting a blue dial Sky Dweller as now the watch could be worn as an every day piece. The precious metals models not great for every day use as gold knocks really easy. Overall for £10k will be a Rolex show stopper that is if I actual get the call from my local AD as I can only assume the list is climbing especially as there have took the blue and black dial off the Rolex website now 3 days after Basel.

There is a link below to Roger Ferderer wearing his all thou he is a sponsor of Rolex and he does like sky dwellers.


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