One from the Tag Heuer F1 Range

This a Tag heuer F1 range quartz not one i like that much to be honest, but was told from a Tag Heuer representative its one of there most sold models as must be a loved time piece i recon, any how comes with a chronograph rotating bezel made from stainless then brushed.  One of the lower end price range in Tag Heuer extensive range so great starter watch with long standing watch history, not overly keen on the big brand name on the side on the casing as would prefer a little more understated like keep it on the dial.  It was a departed model of mine as not best fan of quartz great time keepers but like the automatic movements.

tag heuer F1IMG_5713-600x450 IMG_5715-600x450 IMG_5716-600x450 IMG_5718-600x450Sell my Rolex Cash


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