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Hands on With Rolex Datejust 16523 aka” Thunderbird”

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Hands on With Rolex Datejust 16523 Bi Metal “aka Rolex Thunderbird” this a 1980,s vintage model which is a Rolex datejust with a rotating bezel and is known as the turn-o-graph.  The turn-o-graph was designed for a easy way to measure and record time not sure the concept of that!!
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They was a vintage ad pre 1950’s for the Turn-O-Graph ref. 6202  states ” now the simplest of all ways of timing has been invented. It is built into a wrist-watch called the Rolex Turn-O-Graph. The watch consists of an extra rim / bezel round the watch head. This bezel is marked from zero to sixty and is easily turned by hand.
To time a operation or also, all you need to do is align the 0 mark on the bezel with the second or minute, or hour hand of the wristwatch. Thereafter, at any moment, you have an immediate record of the time elapsed.

This functionality of the turn-0-graph was adopted US air force aerobatic squadron and the watch became the official pilots watch known as the “Rolex thunderbird” for the US market.

The early vintage model Ref 6202 did resemble the future Submariner’s which probably would have been the better root for this model, as this one the 16523 is simply a Rolex datejust with the rotation bezel for recording time.

This model is stainless steel and 18k gold comes on the jubilee bracelet but is optional with the oyster bracelet, date window at 3 o clock, they also do this in all steel too. But round year 2000 the watch was totally revamped, In around 2006/2007 the watch was discontinued probably down to poor popularity of this model. But overall nice looking watch with a vintage look and not too pricey either slightly cheaper than a normal datejust.
Rolex Thunderbird

Rolex 116200

Hands on With Rolex Datejust 116200

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Hands on With Rolex Datejust 116200 Stainless steel with smooth bezel, I thought there has not been a lot of blogs regarding Rolex’s best selling model instead sports usually takes the limelight. The Datejust goes back a long way too and has so many variants so my next few series of blogs will be Datejusts models only more the newer versions I had in the past.

This one is kinda the base model Datejust 36mm in size with a stunning blue dial and baton hour markers on a Jubilee bracelet, there is option of oyster or jubilee bracelet at point of sale. The jubilee is slightly more in price but is very clean classy look with a concealed clasp and the Rolex logo showing. They started producing this datejust model around 2005/2006 with the rehaut Rolex Rolex Rolex around the inner bezel ring as extra security measure by Rolex they newly introduced.

As Rolex had to keep ahead of the fakers as the fakes are getting better and better.  This particular datejust is simple but nice clean look with a date wheel with red and black alternate numbers like a roulette wheel which works well.  A nice mix of polished and satin finish great for everyday smart watch for work or play.  Looks great with a suit on but to be fair all Rolex’s look well with a suit on for all types of occasions but has partly been a part of their success.

Women are increasing more finding the 36mm Datejust model are more suitable than the 26mm smaller models bigger watches easier to see the time and a lot more watch presence on the wrist!!

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