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Hands on With Heuer Camaro


Hands on With the Heuer Camaro one of the 1960’s Vintage model.  Heuer’s have some highly collectible pieces with collectors with prices to match, the Camaro as is a fantastic piece and not too pricey so well under the radar. The Heuer Camaro was named after the Chevrolet Camaro which was showcased in 1966, the Camaro offers a very similar style to the infamous Carrera but with a slightly larger cushion-shaped case.

A watch made in Switzerland named after an American muscle car! Apparently Jack Heuer the main man at Heuer said the watch was named after the Chevy Camaro as he was seeking to strengthen Heuer’s position in the USA by putting Heuer brand with USA motor racing seems a sensible idea.  Which at the time popularity of the Chevy Camaro in late 60’s and its connection with the pacecar at the Indianapolis 500 in 1967 and 69 made him decided the Camaro name was good and fit for the Heuer brand.

The Heuer Camaro was actually launched in 1968 and was the last series introduced before Heuer focused and switched to the Chronomatic-powered watches of 1969. The Camaro was a manual wind and was never made with an automatic movement, and with Heuer focused on selling its new auto self winding chronograph models, not long after the Camaro went out of production in 1972.

The Camaro had three different movements supplied by Valjoux it was not uncommon back then for watch Brands to use a movement made by someone else Rolex used Valjoux & Zenith Chronograph movement in there flagship Daytona up till 1999 / 2000 the later with Zenith.  In around 2000 they decided to launch there own in-house movement for the Daytona.  As most big Swiss Watch Brands went down the same route at some point as watches you bought needed to have the full package as well as the brand name, so they needed to use they own movement to make customers feel like they getting there money’s worth.

The Valjoux movements where Valjoux 72 / 92 and 773x Family the descriptions are below:

Valjoux 72 is a three-register, manual-wind chronograph movement
Valjoux 72 models offer no date function with dial layout as follows

3 o’clock: 30-minute chronograph register
6 o’clock: 12-hour chronograph register
9 o’clock: running seconds

Valjoux 92 followed the success of the 72 in the 1950’s and is also a 13-ligne movement, but with 2 registers not 3.

3 o’clock: 30-minute chronograph register
6 o’clock: running seconds

Valjoux 7730 is a very interesting movement it forms the basis of today’s Calibre 17 /Valjoux/ ETA 7750/. The 7730 is actually a re-named Venus 188, which is a manual-wind 30-minute chronograph with two registers.

Valjoux upgraded the movement in 1968, calling this the revised cal, The Valjoux 7733, which serves as a base for several modified versions, including:

7733- base 2-register movement.
7734- as above, but with date function.
7736- as above, but with the addition of 12-hour register.

The Camaro is great vintage piece for the money which doubt are a bad buy great all round vintage piece in 1985 the brand changed to Tag Heuer.

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Watches and American Icons Auction on 21/6/17


Christie’s Rare Watches and American Icons Auction 21st June brought in over 10,000,000 dollars when the hammer fell, the auction was held in New York, at Rockefeller Center with 250 timepieces on the day not bad for a days work. The watch theme for the auction was based on watches from American icons such as President Lyndon B, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis and so on.

They was a couple of nice Paul Newman Daytona’s that always fetch good money but after the news of Paul Newman’s own personal watch coming up for sale soon by Philips Auctioneers and being the first auction after the news it failed to drive the Daytona’s prices up much. This may change after the ultimate Daytona goes for sale later this year 26th October.

The top performers of the day was the Richard Mille prototype RM 056  = $1,207,500
American Icons

Second: 14K Gold Paul Newman Daytona with “Lemon Dial” ref. 6264 = $871,500
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Third : Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Cartier Tank 14K Gold = $379,500
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Forth : Paul Newman Daytona Tiffany Dial ref. 6239 = $271,500
Sell Paul Newman Tiffany 6239

Fifth : Heuer Autavia ref. 3646 with Indianapolis Motor Speedway Logo Dial = $199,500

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The buyer of the Cartier Tank was no other than Kim kardashian West that paid the whopping $379,500 the most expensive Cartier more than likely.  Vintage watches do not seem to be cooling off any time soon. You can check out some of the up and coming auctions with Christie’s 


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Talking Watches With Jeff Stein


Talking Watches With Jeff Stein one the big names in Heuer collecting and the man to go to with advice on the Heuer’s.  Heuer was pre Tag Heuer before they changed the name. Heuer’s where vintage pieces some of the stars Paul Newman and Steve McQueen wore these and last 10 years have rocketed in price.  Vintage market crazy at the moment and no exception to Vintage Heuer. Jeff Stein has a ridiculous amount of watches! I loved the Blue dial Monaco Steve McQueen big square lump of metal! Check out the video by Hodinkee:

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Phillips: Hong Kong Vintage Watch Auction


Phillips Auction in Hong Kong 30 May 2017 should have some really nice vintage pieces for sale it seems the world has gone vintage mad! The auction has some great pieces from Heuer, Omega, Rolex, Vacheron Constantin, Longines, Breitling, Zenith, Panerai, Bregeut, Patek Philippe and many more. These vintage watch auctions pull some top money for the right pieces as they are getting harder and harder to find in top condition box and papers and folk wanted to snap the top pieces what ever the cost.

I was never into vintage watches was always in to modern pieces till about 5 years ago, but then I realized how nice it is with aged patina and matt dial etc…..and just simple the simple fact the watch had be worn and loved rather than stored in box. But unfortunately you need pockets these days to buy them vintage pieces from top the names and I mean deep deep pockets.  The Paul Newman Daytona 6363 was may be around £300 in the 1970,s some these days fetching over a million dollars. Any thing Paul Newman or Steve Mcqueen wore are timeless classics only going one direction in price and people know this. This Rolex Daytona 6263 did a staggering over $3 million!!

Take a look at some of the lots at auction some stunning pieces.

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Hodinkee Best of 2016 Review


The Hodinkee Best of 2016 Review video lots of great watches through the previous year. I do love there video’s as watches make me tick from some of the best brands we all love Patek Philippe, vintage Heuer, Omega, Iwc, Tudor and many more. British Horology which is very good in its own right.


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Talking Watches with Spike Feresten


As the title Says talking watches with Spike Feresten by Hodinkee, always great these videos from watch collectors around the world. Hodinkee seem to know all the top collectors wish I had some of these collections.