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5 Watches A Collection should Have!!

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Watch collectors always been a funny breed depending on what level you at there is some pieces that every collector should have or at least tried and tested at some point.  These are the top 5 watches I feel you should have brands are as follows. Rolex, Omega, Tag Heuer, is a good start.  Rolex is king for Collectors thou the most dominant brand for the three.

First: I feel Rolex Daytona always been a piece every collector loves its a great all round piece to be worn on all occasions and always well recognized on the wrist. Vintage Daytona’s are thee one to have but prices are very very high especially the Paul Newman Daytona which started the whole Daytona phenomenon which is going for strength to strength. This one is the next best thing the Rolex 116520 which was discontinued in 2016.

Second: Rolex Submariner a true dive collectors piece, a collection should not be without a Rolex Submariner bond watch! James Bond wore these in early films, Submariner dates to the 50,s which is one of the long standing pieces still going strong today, divers watch, dress watch everyday watch all rounder rolled into one. The Submariner is one of Rolex’s best selling watch, Daytona is most desirable but not their best seller.

Third: The Omega Seamaster Professional aka “Bond Watch” This watch was a classic in the early bond films and great watch as well as a divers watch too watch resistant to 300 Metres always been rivals with Rolex divers.
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Forth: The Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch is the piece with a great talking point “The First Watch Worn On the Moon” on the first ever moon landing the astronauts all wore similar pieces to the picture below mine is the same but updated version. Omega took the rights to this and spun it out to 100’s of limited edition pieces since then.  But great watch only thing is its manual wind so which can be a pain every two days winding the watch.

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Fifth: Tag Heuer Carrera Chronograph always a great all round watch also a great starter piece, Tag Heuer’s have some great starter watches and reasonable prices. This the latest version is nice everyday wearer.
There is plenty of watches I think could pass to go in the collection, these are 5 I would recommend for now!


The Worlds Most Valuable Watch Brand?

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The worlds most valuable watch brand? every year a marketing research consultant Kantar Millward Brown does a report regarding the rankings of all the world’s leading brands by estimated figure of the brand value. The Brand Z Top 100 Most Valuable Global Brands, which is the report basically ranks the world’s top 100 big hitters for equity. The report bases this on number of key factors, key product segments, luxury.

The brand reportZ issued in June this year, comes no surprise “Rolex” is the top dog with an estimated value of $8 billion dollars, it was based on complex financial factors and consumer surveys. Appartley KMB interview 3 million consumers about 50 worldwide markets regarding 100.000 separate brands. They compile data from some of leading business platforms and share companies etc.

Rolex HQ

Rolex unfortunately did not make KMB top 100 brands worldwide as they was just under the threshold of $11.3 billion and need to be over that figure to be in the top 100, but they did come in the top 10 of the luxury section at number 5. See list below:

Top 10 most vauable Luxury Brands in 2017, Brand Value in $billion dollars

1. Louis Vuitton | $26 billion
2. Hermes           | $23    ”
3. Gucci               | $13     ”
4. Chanel            | $11      ”
5. Rolex            | $8       ”
6. Cartier            | $5.8   ”
7. Burberry        | $4.2    ”
8. Prada              | $3.9    ”
9. Dior                 | $2.3   ”
10. Tiffany & Co | $2.3  ”

Rolex is Switzerland’s best selling brand by income revenue, it was recently the worlds number one selling watch brand by revenue now Apple is number 1.  Apple have a staggering Brand value of $234 billion and is number 2 on the top 100.  Google is the number 1 with $245 billion.  Rolex is a private company so does not disclose a lot of data and sales figures but they believe to have a annual watch sales of $4.5 billion.   The full indepth report you can see here Milward Brown Brands

But Rolex is still a luxury watch brand that we all love and cherish their watches!

Rolex Turn-o-graph

Hands on With Rolex Datejust 16523 aka” Thunderbird”

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Hands on With Rolex Datejust 16523 Bi Metal “aka Rolex Thunderbird” this a 1980,s vintage model which is a Rolex datejust with a rotating bezel and is known as the turn-o-graph.  The turn-o-graph was designed for a easy way to measure and record time not sure the concept of that!!
Buy mY Rolex Turn-o-graph
They was a vintage ad pre 1950’s for the Turn-O-Graph ref. 6202  states ” now the simplest of all ways of timing has been invented. It is built into a wrist-watch called the Rolex Turn-O-Graph. The watch consists of an extra rim / bezel round the watch head. This bezel is marked from zero to sixty and is easily turned by hand.
To time a operation or also, all you need to do is align the 0 mark on the bezel with the second or minute, or hour hand of the wristwatch. Thereafter, at any moment, you have an immediate record of the time elapsed.

This functionality of the turn-0-graph was adopted US air force aerobatic squadron and the watch became the official pilots watch known as the “Rolex thunderbird” for the US market.

The early vintage model Ref 6202 did resemble the future Submariner’s which probably would have been the better root for this model, as this one the 16523 is simply a Rolex datejust with the rotation bezel for recording time.

This model is stainless steel and 18k gold comes on the jubilee bracelet but is optional with the oyster bracelet, date window at 3 o clock, they also do this in all steel too. But round year 2000 the watch was totally revamped, In around 2006/2007 the watch was discontinued probably down to poor popularity of this model. But overall nice looking watch with a vintage look and not too pricey either slightly cheaper than a normal datejust.
Rolex Thunderbird

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Hands on Rolex Submariner “Kermit” vs Rolex “Hulk”

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Hands on with aka the “kermit” Rolex Submariner 16610Lv vs the newer aka “Hulk” Rolex Submariner 116610Lv Ceramic both these watches are great watches loved my many.  The kermit was launched in 2003 and finished production in 2010 when Rolex launched the Submariner Hulk version. I remember in 2003/4 the kermit was not blowing people away looked a little odd with green bezel compared to the standard version that been same for 50 years, but in recent times become highly collectible. But personally  I love nice olive green bezel compared to the ceramic bezel.

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Both watches have bigger hour plots and hands as the standard Sub never did but they rolled it out to all Submariners and various other models after 2010.
Rolex 16610Lv Rolex 116610LV Kermit & Hulk

Side by side both 40mm case size but the Hulk has bigger shoulders so makes the watch look and feel a bit bigger on the wrist than the Kermit.

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Both watches are same in thickness on the profile picture, Rolex lovers like both models I personally prefer the older model as very old school.

but the dial and bezel is one of the big changes Hulk has ceramic bezel with green dial which changes in different shades of light. The Kermit has black gloss dial with steel bezel.

Rolex glidelock
The bracelet was totally revamped the Rolex oyster bracelet on the left and the Rolex Oysterlock on the right, the right one has solid links not hollow which reduces the dreaded bracelet stretch that older models used to get with prolonged wrist action.  The other advantages a lot easier to adjust the strap to go over the divers suit, also you can adjust in small increments with ease due to your wrist swelling on morning or is very loose on waking.

Rolex Submariner Lv
Finally the wrist shots overall both great watches to wear, the Kermit classic highly collectible now in today’s watch world, the Hulk is a perfect engineered and very robust modern classic than the Kermit that folk love or hate. The Hulk the last year or so become very difficult to buy in Rolex Authorized dealers worldwide as most sports are now, its like the world has gone Rolex mad even thou prices increases are still coming thick and fast!

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George Daniels Space Travellers Watch At Auction

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George Daniels Space Travellers Watch At Auction Sotherby’s in London recently, The watch is masterpiece by the English watchmaker and is widely regarded as one if his best creations.  The watch sold for £3.200,000 million with auction fees included.  Sotherby’s estimate was £1.2 mil to £1.8 mil so did well over the estimate.  The piece is the most expensive ever English watch that has been to auction shows British is as good as the Swiss in watch making!!

The pocket watch is 18K Yellow gold chronograph with Daniels Independent Double-Wheel Escapement, Mean-Solar and Sidereal Time with Age & Phase of the Moon and Equation of Time Indication, that is mouthful, Rare pieces like this seem to be smashing auction house prices.

The auction had two bidders fighting for the piece a Asian collector and English, in the end the English collector wont the watch so wont be leaving the UK. This is a video about the timepiece.

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Sell My Watch, Rolex, Online? The Full Run Down

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Selling Your Prestige Watch Online these days has become such a minefield. I always loved watches and been a collector for years,  I set up the website 4 years ago to hopefully acquire some nice pieces for the collection also along the way help sellers selling their watches the easy way, face to face in person with hassle free transaction.

The watch market since Brexit has changed so much, As Rolex is one of most wanted and bought watches on the market today, Rolex sports in particular used to be bought from EU at super knock down prices off the list RRP. Rolex over the last 2 years have manged to shut a lot of the big sellers in the EU selling cheap to UK non Rolex dealers in masses (know as grey market). Which that started to push prices for used and new pieces.

Once Rolex combated that then Brexit happened so the pound plummeted against all the currencies worldwide.  As since the Brexit process UK now currently is the cheapest place to buy watches all the models wanted are non existent in the Authorized dealers up and down the UK.

Rolex sports models such as Submariner 114060, Submariner 116610LN, Submariner 116610Lv, Gmt Master 2 BLNR, Submariner 116613LB, used to be in the window to buy a year ago, now nearly all the models are waiting list watches some up to 2 years wait!!! But also buyers want them more and more as not available to buy. The Rolex Daytona 116500LN has always been a watch with a waiting and is a ridiculously long list that every man and his dog wants.
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Now things have changed so much watch prices  from “dealers” trade price for a Rolex and “private price” folk are wanted the private price off a dealer, Due to some of the factors mentioned watches that are new pre-owned unworn private sellers are wanted over list RRP off a dealer.  So where does this all end?  The big players online are pushing the markets with prices that are eye watering and pushing collectors and other smaller dealers out of the game online also they have the monopoly online.

The other point to note is folk trying to sell on platforms like Ebay find it to hard to sell to genuine purchaser as apart from scammers, shill bidding there is no confidence in selling or buying on Ebay.  Shill bidding is where you bid on a item and the seller has friend, family member bid the item up to achieve more money!!  So is very difficult to gauge auction end prices as most listings get re-listed due the shill bidding.  Buy it now prices can so varied on a watch from up to as much £10.000 difference in prices from one seller to seller.  Ebay has always been the platform the gauge a price of any item watches included so how do you come to figure on this platform with such a vast price range that nothing sells!

The big Players online only tend to make offers on watches they only want to purchase, half the time wont even offer or reply to your inquiry as I found speaking to sellers, then want the seller to post a watch done South to await an inspection to come back with a offer that may or may not match the initial offer.

Some times companies will send a pre-addressed special delivery pack so free postage.  But most of the time seller have to post the watch on their own back covered with Royal Mail Special Delivery service covered up to £2500, but if watch is valued at more than £2500 Royal Mail policies state “null void” if value is over stated amount £2500. Which means you get nothing if the parcel gets stolen or lost.  Crazy but true with Royal Mail unfortunately.

So to sum up overhaul the watch market at the moment is just crazy, how to sell a watch is crazy too so be careful online selling your watch, I am always happy to help with advise on selling, buying! The Watch-Collector Leeds

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Talking Watches With John Edelman

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Talking watches with john Edelman, this video Stephen Pulvirent from Hodinkee  is interviewing John regarding his fantastic pieces from all the Swiss watches from the best brands. A nice variety of collectible pieces. Bulavo, Rolex, Porsche design, Omega, Heuer some of the watches in the video!


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Hands on Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean Liquid Metal

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Hands on With Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean Ref, this version is the update to the previous model on a old post on my blog link here Omega PlanetOcean. The new one is still water resistant to 600m and is really distinct with the black ceramic unidirectional rotating divers’ bezel, with its Liquidmetal diving scale on a 45mm case. The Omega is satin and polished finish and is a big nice timepiece.
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The movement is calibre 9900 and is self winding Co axial escapement, resistant to magnetic fields 15,000 gauss, Central hour, minute and chronograph seconds hands, small seconds hand, 12-hour and 60-minute recorders with power reserve 60 hours.  The date window is at 6 o clock, the Omega has a see through caseback housing the 9900 movement is always nice finish to a watch.  Sapphire crystal has anti glare coating as most Omega’s have.
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The bracelet I noticed a nice tweak and modified so you can adjust on the clasp instead of having to take a link out of the bracelet all the previous seamaster range had no adjustment at all.
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Overhaul this is the best Omega Seamaster PlanetOcean chronograph I have owned looks just stunning in the flesh a hell of lot of watch for the money for the Omega lovers. The Planet Ocean definitely come a long way from the first design, I have had a fair few but never keep them no idea why!! I think its the Rolex in me get board fast.
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