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The Actual Paul Newman Daytona 6263

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Here is a interesting watch the Rolex Daytona 6263 after the recent post of mine regarding  Paul Newman Daytona 6239  found and is going up for auction later on this year by Christie’s auction house.  This particular watch the 6239 was given to his daughter’s boy friend in the 1980’s which was a iconic watch […]

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Christie’s Auction Another Paul Newman Daytona!!

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Christie’s Auction recently on the 15th June another Paul Newman Daytona 6241 went for Half a Million dollars when the hammer fell.  The Newman phenomenon is still strong for collectors, going crazy for the these Daytona’s, sale price was $560,803 but their estimate was very conservative at $199,073 to $398,145 but smashed that figure.  The watch is […]

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Hands on With Patek Philippe Aquanaut 5066A- 001

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Hands on with the Patek Philippe Aquanaut reference 5066A- 001, The Aquanaut watch was launched in 1997 and in 2007 the collection celebrated 10 years of existence with the creation of a new model available in two sizes 38mm and 40mm the updated 5165 was released.  This model boasted a “tropical strap” featuring a fold […]

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Richard Mille Prototype At Christie’s Auction

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Richard Mille Prototype of the RM 056 soon to be up for auction Christie’s Auction house on the 21st June 2017.  This is a rare watch indeed proper rad in very way features casing made of crystal with sapphire glass and a stunning Tourbillon movement which always bring high price tags. In 2012 the first […]

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Talking Watches With Jeff Stein

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Talking Watches With Jeff Stein one the big names in Heuer collecting and the man to go to with advice on the Heuer’s.  Heuer was pre Tag Heuer before they changed the name. Heuer’s where vintage pieces some of the stars Paul Newman and Steve McQueen wore these and last 10 years have rocketed in […]

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Radium Testing on Vintage Watches

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Radium Testing on Vintage Watches, a neat video catch up on Hodinkee where they do some radium testing on some timepieces.  Radium was used early on in wrist watch making for the hour markers or numbers as nothing else was available at the time for the luminosity on seeing the time while diving or at […]

Hands On With Rolex Daytona 116515LN

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Hands On With Rolex Daytona 116515LN Rose Gold, this in my opinion is the nicest looking Gold Daytona Rolex produce not too ostentatious on a Rubber B Strap as they can look over the top with full gold oyster bracelet. The watch original comes on a black or brown croc leather with the rose gold […]

Patek Philippe 5208P

Vladimir Putin’s Patek Philippe 5208P For Auction

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Vladimir Putin’s Patek Philippe 5208P Grand complication found and is going up for auction with Monaco Legend Auctions. The watch is one of Patek’s best pieces that to own this only the top clients can own by application a familiar process to new limited edition and exclusive Porsche’s & Ferrari.  The watch is a thing […]

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The Paul Newman Daytona 6239 Found

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The Paul Newman Daytona 6239 with exotic dial Found, it has been the long awaited watch that would always going to take the lime light when the watch appeared for auction. The watch soon to be auction by Philips in New York October time later on this year and will definitely more than likely break […]