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The Actual Paul Newman Daytona 6263

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Here is a interesting watch the Rolex Daytona 6263 after the recent post of mine regarding  Paul Newman Daytona 6239  found and is going up for auction later on this year by Christie’s auction house.  This particular watch the 6239 was given to his daughter’s boy friend in the 1980’s which was a iconic watch in itself worn and loved by the main man.  I recently read a article that shed light on the Daytona Paul wore after the 6239 this the Rolex Daytona 6263 with engraving on the caseback drive slowly Joanne.  This one was also given to Paul by his wife.

Paul Newman 6239
Picture Courtesy Charles Tearle
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Paul Newman 6263 Picture courtesy Charles Tearle

Paul had a long history with racing driving one of his true passions there is a picture below with Paul on the podium after a race.  As you can see in the picture the Daytona was being used in the races as probably one of the reasons Paul loved the Daytona so much. The tachymeter measures miles per hour over a distance of a mile most chronographs have this feature but the Daytona was the watch to have on the track.

Picture courtesy of NY Times

Paul Newman played a big part in vintage watches probably was one of the biggest factors the Daytona become so successful also with the watches being so beautiful helped. The Vintage Daytona will always be  the watch to buy now and in 50 years but prices seem to be soaring every day all the big collectors want a vintage Daytona. Christie’s Auctioneers have plenty vintage watch auctions some of the rarest of the rare.

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Hands on With Breitling ref 765 AVI ‘Raquel Welch’

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Hands on With the vintage Breitling ref 765 AVI ‘Raquel Welch’ Chronograph, the watch dates to the era early 1960’s.  Brietling made some lovely pieces and the 765 was made from 1953 to 1978 and now are well on the collectors to buy list which are going crazy for.  In 1953 Breitling was hoping to win the contract with french army but as the watch had no flyback function other watch brands stepped in instead.
This one dates to 1962/3 and nick named “Raquel Welch” as she wore one in the movie “Fathom” and comes with the “reverse panda dial” as round that time they changed from all black to “reverse Panda dial”  as they was plenty in 1962 with the all black dial.  The actual term “Panda dial” means a white dial with black sub dials, hence this one is known as “reverse Panda dial” black dial with white sub dials.
Breitling 765AVI
Breitling 765 RaquelWelsh
The watch was large for that time at 41mm and has stood test of time well has aged a lovely patina on the tritium markers on a matt dial. The hands are pretty big with a large hour hand with stainless steel bezel.  The distinctive feature on these Breitling’s is the 15 minute sub dial as most chronographs to date have a 30 minute counter. The movement is a Legendary Venus 178 chronograph movement modified to accommodate the 15 minute counter.  The reason Breitling had a 15 minter counter was their aviation roots knew it took 15 minutes for the pre-flight checks and also explains the unique tritium lume dash inside the sub registers to mark every 3 minutes.

The watches where anti-shock and anti-magnetic and later on in 1965 Brietling introduced 765 Co- pilot ‘Jean-Claude Killy’  which was nick named after Jean who wore this model in 1968 Olympics.  The model was updated slightly to the 765 AVI with a undated anodized black bezel instead on stainless steel and has become the one to buy.  Overall all the 765 models are great vintage Breitling’s to buy in all aspects they definitely are one to watch out for in the future.
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Christie's Auction

Christie’s Auction Another Paul Newman Daytona!!

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Christie’s Auction recently on the 15th June another Paul Newman Daytona 6241 went for Half a Million dollars when the hammer fell.  The Newman phenomenon is still strong for collectors, going crazy for the these Daytona’s, sale price was $560,803 but their estimate was very conservative at $199,073 to $398,145 but smashed that figure.  The watch is 14k Yellow Gold and known as the John Player Special model rare watch dates to 1967.

The dial signed Rolex Cosmograph stunning black matte dial with applied black square numerals, tritium luminous accents, tritium luminous hands, fifth of a second divisions on sunken champagne track, three sunken champagne engine-turned subsidiary dials.

The black bezel graduates to 200 units per hour tachymetre scale, then comes on a leather strap with Rolex signed buckle. The Rolex was watch only no box or guarantee papers wow Christie’s pull the big hitters!!

Their was plenty of other watches at the auction that was also a big hit. But Vintage Rolex’s seem to hit the lime light these days and going from strength to strength. The ultimate Paul Newman Daytona 6239 is coming up for sale later on this year Mr Newman’s own personal watch is tipped to smash all record sales for Paul Newman Daytona’s ever look forward to see that!

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Hands on With Patek Philippe Aquanaut 5066A- 001

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Hands on with the Patek Philippe Aquanaut reference 5066A- 001, The Aquanaut watch was launched in 1997 and in 2007 the collection celebrated 10 years of existence with the creation of a new model available in two sizes 38mm and 40mm the updated 5165 was released.  This model boasted a “tropical strap” featuring a fold over clasp guaranteed utmost security on the wrist.  The changes on the profile and dial slightly modified to underline the dynamic and technical spirit of the watch (Patek Philippe Quote). The Aquanaut is a blend of brushed and polished steel very slim not too bulky in anyway on a rubber strap for the rugged look.

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Back to my Aquanaut I have 5066A is the discontinued version wears well as a casual watch from Patek Philippe a lot of their models are very nice but not the casual look or feel at all. The Aquanaut definitely is a fantastic everyday watch not every day price thou. The movement is Mechanical self winding with date Cal 330. 30 jewels The Arabic numbers on the dial, screw down crown, watch is water resistant to 60 metres so good enough for a divers watch, but the newer version is 120 metres water resistant.

I got to say the movement is stunning through the caseback, Patek Philippe watches are a serious piece of kit just out of reach for most people.  Patek Philippe have a long standing history of watch making dating back years so great heritage owning one of their range.  The aquanaut is definitely one to wear and love everyday and is at the bottom end of the Patek Philippe secondhand market for a sporty look as some of their range run into millions.
Patek have some of the most expensive watches that ever went under the hammer, $24,000,000 dollars is current record for the Henry graves super complication that has been up again recently for sale but did not sell.

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Richard Mille Prototype At Christie’s Auction

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Richard Mille Prototype of the RM 056 soon to be up for auction Christie’s Auction house on the 21st June 2017.  This is a rare watch indeed proper rad in very way features casing made of crystal with sapphire glass and a stunning Tourbillon movement which always bring high price tags. In 2012 the first RM 056 was introduced which boasted an all sapphire crystal case in the standard Richard Mille casing.  It was a masterpiece in itself with no less than 800 hours machine manufacturing work.
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The all sapphire case let you see the stunning slit second chronograph movement which was similar to RM 008.  I suppose this is better than the see through casebacks most watch manufactures have that when the watch is on your wrist is pointless to see the movement.  The casing, middle, bezel and back of the RM 056, had to be milled from solid blocks of sapphire using a diamond-tipped cutter, and the whole watch was held together by Richard Mille’s signature spline screws which are very distinct on Richard Mille timepieces. The watches basically been made up of all sapphire must be put together with great precision as one little mistake and crack!!
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The complex process of making such a high level Richard Mille only made five examples of the initial Tourbillon Split Seconds Competition Chronograph RM 056 Felipe Massa Sapphire. But these sold for $1650000 So hence this is a rare watch with auction estimates of $1000000 to $15000000 which seems a good price fora prototype. I just wonder how many different ones Richard Mille can make as they all have look the same to me bar different materials, movements etc…
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The Richard Mille watches are not for the faint very expensive but very well made. and loved by some on the rich and famous I doubt I will ever own one too ostentatious for me and too much money!

Picture courtesy off Evolution.


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Talking Watches With Jeff Stein

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Talking Watches With Jeff Stein one the big names in Heuer collecting and the man to go to with advice on the Heuer’s.  Heuer was pre Tag Heuer before they changed the name. Heuer’s where vintage pieces some of the stars Paul Newman and Steve McQueen wore these and last 10 years have rocketed in price.  Vintage market crazy at the moment and no exception to Vintage Heuer. Jeff Stein has a ridiculous amount of watches! I loved the Blue dial Monaco Steve McQueen big square lump of metal! Check out the video by Hodinkee:

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Radium Testing on Vintage Watches

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Radium Testing on Vintage Watches, a neat video catch up on Hodinkee where they do some radium testing on some timepieces.  Radium was used early on in wrist watch making for the hour markers or numbers as nothing else was available at the time for the luminosity on seeing the time while diving or at night times. The radium used is small amounts of radiation but glows really bright and the life span of radium is half like at 1600 years!!

All watch makers went to tritium radium mixture about mid 1960,s due to not using Radioactive material for obvious reasons. They then applied tritium to all the dials up until 1999 which had only .25 radium used, hence “Swiss T25” on the dials, then finally switched to super bright luminovo which is currently in use by all the to watch brands.

A lot of the older Rolex dials had “Swiss” at the bottom and were radium, then they went “Swiss T25” with Rolex or Omega “T Swiss Made T” which stands for tritium. In current days “Swiss Made” at the bottom from 1999 was the cut off for tritium use. Tritium has a life span of around 12.5 years so most of the vintage watches past mid 1960,s up to 1999 do not glow at all and usually have a lovely aged patina a key selling point with vintage.

The tester is a really good piece of kit for the vintage watch buyer as most of the old time pieces have had a re dial  or been re-lumed which is no no for the true vintage watch hunter, but like every thing vintage comes down to affordability. Some of the classic vintage pieces are very pricey also very hard to find the full sets with great provenance which is another key factor as well as the lume.

Check out the video!!


Hands On With Rolex Daytona 116515LN

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Hands On With Rolex Daytona 116515LN Rose Gold, this in my opinion is the nicest looking Gold Daytona Rolex produce not too ostentatious on a Rubber B Strap as they can look over the top with full gold oyster bracelet. The watch original comes on a black or brown croc leather with the rose gold deployment clasp.  This model Daytona was probably the first of the Daytona’s to come with a ceramic bezel as I did always think why not put the ceramic bezel on the steel models? in 2016 at Basel they launched the steel Daytona with updated dial and bezel Rolex Daytona 116500LN  and was an instant hit waiting lists endless…. The white dial version Panda Dial always a hit white dial with black sub dials.

The Rose gold Daytona comes in 18K everose gold with a stunning chocolate dial with dark brown numbers not batons, black ceramic bezel with gold writing 400 kilometres or miles per hour. The movement is the Cal 4130 by Rolex fantastic chronograph movement features a parachrom hair spring which is Cosc rated to within 2 seconds which is another good selling point for Rolex!
If you eyes ares not that good the chocolate dial Daytona is terrible to see the time  at night but at worst I can check the time on my phone.

The oyster clasp looks stunning in everose gold with the rubber and this year at Basel World Rolex launched a new range to go a long side with Rolex 116515LN in a range of other precious metals 18k white gold and 18k Yellow gold on the oyster flex. The oyster flex is Rolex’s own rubber strap which is very nice indeed although not compatible with my model as the clasp fitment is different, Thanks Rolex was hoping to buy a oyster flex strap.  See picture below still think rose gold chocolate dial is the best looking one all thou the white gold version would be my second choice. I actual think would be nice to own all 3 versions and the steel white version but how many Daytona’s does a man need!!
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The one thing I would say is great about this model on the rubber strap is the watch can be worn every day without looking really flash and wears well in casual wear as well as smart. The Daytona will always be a watch to have always has been, the gold versions are not as popular due to the price tag. The Steel Daytona in the shops excluding Rolex Authorized Dealers are fetching some where £14000 – £15000 so the precious models are not a great deal more also can be discounted so might worth a look at an used gold Daytona on leather strap if your thinking of the steel version.
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Patek Philippe 5208P

Vladimir Putin’s Patek Philippe 5208P For Auction

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Vladimir Putin’s Patek Philippe 5208P Grand complication found and is going up for auction with Monaco Legend Auctions. The watch is one of Patek’s best pieces that to own this only the top clients can own by application a familiar process to new limited edition and exclusive Porsche’s & Ferrari.  The watch is a thing of beauty as most Patek Philippe’s are the watch has minute repeater, a mono-pusher chronograph, and an instantaneous perpetual calendar wow! and at a cost of 980,000 CHF not for the faint hearted deep pockets needed.
Patek Philippe 5208P

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The 5208 Self winding minute repeater.

The name Vladimir Putin is on the papers and was sold by Watches of Switzerland in London but if not 100% confirmed was his watch but Patek Philippe would on sell this watch to the named person on the papers also with the application process more than likely was Mr Putins watch.  The watch is made in precious metal Platinum and is 42mm the case size with pierced lugs a very nice touch, a perpetual calendar date means you set the watch and if constantly worn will keep the correct date and time up to 100 years even allowing for the leap year.
Patek Philippe BuyerPatek Philippe are no doubt one of the best watch makers in the world I always found a lot of their models are more dress watches, very very classy stunning beautiful in every way. Overall do not think will ever own one or see one of these pieces. be nice to see what the watch fetches at auction.

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The Paul Newman Daytona 6239 Found

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The Paul Newman Daytona 6239 with exotic dial Found, it has been the long awaited watch that would always going to take the lime light when the watch appeared for auction. The watch soon to be auction by Philips in New York October time later on this year and will definitely more than likely break records when the hammer drops.  The Paul Newman Daytona phenomenon has been buzzing for years it sparked in many ways the market for vintage timepieces especially vintage Daytona’s. You can see why stunning piece.

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Paul Newman Daytona With Exotic Dial

The watch in question has an exotic dial and was purchased by his wife Joanne Woodward for him engraved on the caseback “drive carefully me”  The watch was known to be not destroyed or lost and was considered to be on the west coast in Usa.

Paul Newman Daytona 6239
The engraving on the caseback. (Picture Courtesy of WSJ)

The remarkable story behind the watch is James Cox the owner was dating Nell Potts “Paul’s Daughter” and in 1984 at the home of Paul he asked “James what time is it?” James replied “I dont own a watch” Paul replied here’s a watch if you wind it, it tells pretty good time”

The rest was history as so to speak James Cox wore the watch to the mid 90’s when he was informed of the value of the highly regarded Newman Daytona.  It will be interested to see how the big collectors of the world respond to such an iconic piece from a true legend, I doubt the vintage market would be the same without the people like Paul Newman and Steve McQween who wore the watches everyday.

Paul Newman The Legend
Paul Newman The Legend

Vintage watches to command the highest premium need the provenance and quality of the piece also documented family history, doubt it gets much better than this with the family connection and caseback engraving.  The Daytona’s off the same era fetch top money at auction collectors want to own a piece of history for a lot less.  So keep your eye out for this beauty in October at Philips Auctioneers as I will be. This is the previous recorder breaker for auctioning a Daytona 6263 in 18k gold.